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Personal Trainer Wigan

If you want to become a social recluse that only eats steamed chicken and broccoli and lives in the gym…then this is not for you.

Yes you want to achieve your goals fast, but lifestyle balance is important to us. What's the point in getting in epic shape only to rebound right back to where you are now?

When you are inside our programme you become ON FIRE in other areas of your personal life and work life because of the results gained in the gym - you will not want to stop.

Time and energy drains are what can lead to us becoming out of shape - our programme simplifies the game of getting results whilst 10X -ing your personal energy, focus and confidence so you create MORE space to get s**t done.

It's a fact that people in great physical shape are more productive, focus and have higher energy levels.

In essence you will be following a world class, tried and tested programme that addresses both what you need to do IN and OUT of the gym to see the results you want.

  • Strength & Fitness Programme
  • Simple Nutrition Plan
  • Mindset & Motivation Strategies
  • Habit Development
Personal Trainer Wigan

I was feeling unfit, lethargic and I was unhappy with how I looked. What I didn't realise was how much I had let all of these issues escalate.

The advice, support and people at RM Fitness is unreal which made me want to put 100 percent effort in and I have gone from 92kg to 86kg & clothes size "36" waist to 32" waist.

Personal Trainer Wigan

Before I joined I did quite a bit of cycling and putting that Lycra on made me very aware of my love handles!  

I instantly got on with the RMF process both in the gym and the nutrition side of it.

It didn't really feel like a diet and it became clear I was making fundamental errors in what I had previously considered healthy eating.  

Since joining I've lost around 1.5 stone and significantly improved my strength and general fitness.  

You don't noticed the small changes day to day but you're reminded of it when you see somebody you haven't seen for a few months or an old photo.

The coaches at RMF have created a great environment. I think the results speak for themselves.

Personal Trainer Wigan

I signed up at RM Fitness after I had just got back from a holiday where I had zero confidence in a bikini.

I wanted to get fitter and feel better about myself.

I had heard good things about weight training but also I was worried that it would be all macho, I wouldn't be able to lift anything or that I'd actually bulk up instead of slimming down.

I could notice myself getting fitter and stronger as the weeks passed. The structure of the group training sessions actually made exercise feel fun.

The scales didn't change much to start with but I did lose several inches from my hips and waist and a dress size so I knew it was working. As I went on I found I had more energy during the day and slept much better at night.

Lifting weights has been one of the best stress relievers that I've come across and knowing I can lift 100kg makes me feel mentally tougher too. I've loved the journey so far and guess what? - I didn't bulk up either!

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We are so confident with our Programme that if you don’t achieve the results mentioned and you aren't completely satisfied we will not only give you your money back - but also give you a free month!

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