What Is Your True North ?

Find what you are working towards ! 











The constant choice we face is optioned by two outcomes. We can choose stay where we are or we can choose to progress

Do you want to move up or do you want to be safe?

It’s a choice we make every day that leaves you to either cope or thrive

Staying safe will leave you in a position where you are comfortable. Leave you in a position where everything is “ok”. In your safe place: you will never grow , never succeed to be anything more than you are in that moment. But … you’ll be safe , nothing bad is likely to happen , you can’t fail

With taking a risk in order to progress. You take yourself away from that safe place. This is where things get better than just “ok” this is where success can be accomplished and enjoyed

With greater risk comes a greater chance of failure. It involves hard work , challenge , doubt,mistakes and all sorts of low points … but this is the path to success


Don’t lack your true north. Identify what you want, take risk and attack it

Choose chance and the possibility success Over safety and regret that you did nothing

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