Uzair’s Story

This is what uz had to say:

Previous to joining RM fitness whilst living in Sheffield I was doing a lot of running. When moving to Manchester 5 years ago I picked up a knee injury which prevented me from running long distance. Me and my wife tried a number of gyms which neither of us were particularly happy with and the knee problem didn’t help me mentally. This changed when we found RM fitness.

Instantly the first session gave me a positive impression and I found all the instructors and members very helpful and supportive with each instructor bringing their own insight and personality to the session. Although the sessions were tough it was the nutrition which I found harder as changing my mindset and habit was very trial and error.

After about 4 – 5 months I felt like something within my body clicked. I was ready take to my training to the next level so I signed for PT training alongside the group program.

I’ve enjoyed the improvements in how I feel physically and mentally and it has been motivating to feel the support with the instructors and members with a real feeling of comrade.

Sam in particular has been great throughout my PT sessions and I’ve loved the little changes in my body and shape thanks to him. To feel leaner and stronger but more importantly to have better understanding of the benefits of strength training is something I’ve found invaluable.

It’s been a terrific feeling to be able to train injury free and see the real benefits of strength training but importantly the importance placed on nutrition. An aspect which many commercial gyms lack which RM fitness excels at with its instructors is the passion, support and real sincerity.

I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time and I’d like to thank my wife for being the reason for finding the best gym. Thank you RM fitness.

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