The Post Easter Diet

Everyone talks about diets again straight after Easter. The media jumps on it, magazines are covered with the latest nutrition hacks and diet plans and  the news tells us that we all need to get “beach body ready”. We ‘should’ all be drinking green juice and aloe vera gels, special teas, going vegan, cutting gluten. In other news we should all drink a glass of wine a day, follow the Mediterranean way and that oil is good for us. It’s no wonder there’s so much confusion over what we all should be eating!! 🙄

There might be small nuggets of truth in those articles but they always put a spin on it and hardly ever give you a balanced or scientific view.

Essentially, any diet will work if you follow it correctly – Weight Watchers, Slimming World, The Green juice diet, The Twinkie diet (yep), The Coconut oil diet, high protein, low carb, The Atkins diet and wait for it – my favourite – the Peanut butter diet (yes it exists)! Essentially if it reduces your calorie intake and creates a calorie deficit you’ll lose weight – maybe a few pounds. Maybe a lot. The way the diet is branded and what you’re told to eat might not feel like a diet or feel that you’re eating less but every diet will create a calorie deficit in some shape or form.

The problem with many of these branded diets is that often they’re a short term fix leading to initial results that you might see quickly and think it’s a miracle diet that’s finally working but in the end when you come off the diet and go back to eating how you ate before the weight creeps back on. They don’t teach you how to eat in a sustainable healthy way to keep the weight off for life. Also some of the fad diets can deplete you of essential nutrients, dehydrate you and actually make you unhealthier in the long run.

The key if you want to lose weight, and keep it off, is to combine the diet with long term lifestyle changes.

That could be changing your diet or adding in exercise. Making small swaps. Going out for more walks. Joining an exercise class. You don’t need to live on a diet, just change to a sustainable one and be aware of how many calories your body needs. I kind of compare it to knowing how much you earn and knowing what your main outgoings are. Without having a grip on what calories you have going in and out it’s so easy to yo yo from diet to diet and put weight on/get into debt.

Fire any questions at us below of you’re unsure about where to start. 👍🤓

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