Tahira’s Story

“I joined the gym because I was overweight by more than 20kg. This massively affected my confidence and ultimately my mental health. I knew I needed to do something but having joined a number of gyms and not being able to stick to the routine for more than 3 weeks, I clearly needed to change tactic.

Whilst looking for a personal trainer, I came across RMF. I always thought lifting weights at a gym like this would make me big and ‘bulky’ so was initially hesitant. When I first started, I struggled with almost every exercise since I was carrying 3.5 stones more than I am now! The coaches adapted exercises to suit me.

Overtime I grew in confidence and was able to meet my weight loss target: I lost 10 inches around my waist, dropping from a size 16/18 to a 10/12.

Once I began following the coaches’  nutritional advise, I saw drastic improvements in body composition as well as body fat reduction. For the first time in my life, I like the shape of my body and even fit into clothes I was wearing when I was 18!

The best thing was that everyone else noticed too and the compliments from the RMF community as well as family and colleagues were uplifting. My mental health has improved so I sleep better, therefore eat better and stress less.

This makes my highly demanding PhD much more manageable than it was before I joined RMF. I feel confident socialising again, wearing what I like from an extensive flattering wardrobe. My weight is now one less thing to worry about!”

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