Sue’s Story

This is what Sue had to say: 

Before I joined RM in Nov 2015 i was at my lowest in terms of how I felt. I remember having to go and buy the next size up in my clothes! I had gone from a size 10 and was now buying size 14 and it didn’t feel good.

Being a busy mum with three teenagers and working, I found every excuse for not taking control. I saw a link to RM Fitness and my initial reaction was “Right this is what I need, before it gets out of control”.

I was so nervous before my first session and I was thinking of any excuse not to go but once I had walked through the doors, I couldn’t believe how friendly every one was and the trainers just made me feel so welcome. I was hooked after the first week and now two and a half years later it’s just part of my life.

I’ve lost two stone and two dress sizes, 4 inches off my waist and 4 inches off my hips. I realised that it wasn’t a quick fix but a way of life for me now. It’s never too late for anyone im going to be 50 next year and feel in the best shape of my life and met some amazing people following their own journeys along the way.

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