Shabana’s Story

Before I started at RM Fitness, I was working my way around all of the gyms in Manchester looking for somewhere that was the right place to train. I was seeking a gym where I could be educated around weight training and nutrition. A place where I could be pushed and a place that I wanted to turn up to. Nowhere else offered this to me.

When I first walked in, I knew this was the right place for me. I was shocked by how much the coaches cared about the members and how much knowledge they provided in my first few weeks.

I find the support from the coaches and other members invaluable. I was initially nervous, having never done weight training before, I didn’t know what to expect. But the coaching style and encouragement from experienced members was something that quickly put me at ease.

Since i’ve been here at RM fitness, I’ve dropped body fat, lost inches around both my waist and hips. More importantly I have increased my strength and fitness. I am now much healthier and much fitter , my knee injury has recovered thanks to adapted training and I am now able to run long distances once again. My anxiety and depression is much more well managed and has dramatically reduced and my life long condition that once suggested I wouldn’t be able to train at all is now better than ever.

Each and every time I finish a long run or lift a heavy weight , it makes me emotional. RM Fitness has given me a gift that I never thought I could achieve. Its had a huge influence on my life and I can’t thank the RMF Team enough.


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