Serena’s Story

I had always struggled with my weight and felt I was fighting an ongoing battle with my self as I was growing up.  These feelings lead me to devlope an unhealthy realtionship with food and obssess about what I was eating. I thought if I ate my favourite chocolate bar I would immidately put weight on. When I did eat that snickers or sweet treat I instantly felt guilty and thought the only way to solve this is by not eating anything else even if I was hungry.  I was completely uneducated about healthy dieting and nutrition before I joined RM.  I had always been a member at different commercial gyms but lacked motivation and energy. One week I would be motivated the next that motivation had disappeared. I had no real routine, structure, accountability or motivation because of my inconsistent diet and lack of support around me.

I live across the road from RM Fitness and had walked past numerous of times. I could always hear the coaches encouraging all the members to “keep going”  “finish strong ” “don’t give up”.  I actually thought that looks like so much fun! I felt rather anxious to walk in and find out more about it even though I was itching to be apart of  it.  Once I became a member I realised I had nothing to feel anxious about!

I couldn’t ask for more dedicated, committed, inspiring and supportive coaches. They don’t just work you hard and push you to your limits,  they listen to you when you feel like your struggling, they reach out to you if they’ve not seen you for while to make sure your ok and encourage you to get back in the gym, they educate you about your nutrition and they are always there for you to support you through your journey.  The coaches will always make sure you know what your doing before you start so you never feel anxious about not knowing what to do or how to do an exercise.

Im the type of person that’s gets bored very quickly and thats another reason to why a commericasl gym wasn’t working for me. I don’t think ive ever done the same session twice at RM which keeps it fun and interesting. RM dosnt feel like an effort to go to or a chore. I go because I want to and I look forward working out with the other members in such a great environment.

Since being at RM I have learnt there is no quick fix to achieving your end goal its all about building a sustainable routine that works for you and your own goals. I wake up feeling positive and excitied about the challenges a head of the day rather than sluggish and anxious and that is all because of RM!  It is truly a pleasure to be apart of something so amazing.


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