Richard’s Story

Meet RMF Member Richard Gray
  • Richard, 37 ,  has a hectic work schedule within international finance.
  • He came to RMF after failing to get the results he wanted from training in commercial gyms
  • He is now 2 stone lighter and his body shape has changed dramatically
Check out his story below:

This is what Rich had to say: 

Before joining RM Fitness, I was frustrated, annoyed and bored with training. I wasn’t making the progress I wanted, and Workouts were usually something spouted by Means Health – whatever their “do this to get ……” flavour of the month was, but not being able to complete these equipment heavy sessions in a very busy commercial gym put a stop to that, plus…motivation was difficult. I got sick of having to do a plan A-F of workouts in case I couldn’t do what I wanted, and several times just left “mid-workout”.

 From my first trial session, I realised that RM Fitness was drastically different…I remember leaving (whilst feeling exhausted) thinking “I ALREADY LOVE THIS!”. I consider all of the people I met on that day now as, close friends.

 I’ve lost over 2 stone, and I’m stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been. I’m well aware of my areas for improvement, and whilst the gym is full of people with a multitude of different goals, abilities and experience, we’re all on the same mission and there is ZERO judgement. I can’t stress that enough.

 Simply put, after joining RM Fitness, I genuinely enjoy training again.

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