Nutrition Myth #2 Fat Makes You Fat

I think we are finally getting to grips with the importance of fat in our diet.

For years fat was demonised for the increase in obesity and health issues such as heart disease and high cholesterol.

Fat Makes You Fat



It’s pretty similar to Dave’s carb scenario.

(See this blog for the low down on carbs – )

For many years the way to lose weight was to consume less fat.

You can kind of see why people may have thought this back in the day.

And it obviously worked, fat has 9 calories per gram, you cut out this whole macronutrient and your calories are going to drop weight significantly.

Again we revert to the correlation and causation conversation.

Cut out an entire macronutrient, don’t replace with anything, calories come down = we lose weight. (so it’s not the fat its the calories)

Luckily there are people out there who are critical thinkers and create studies to prove theories right or wrong.




Bottom line is that fat is essential for our health.

We NEED fat to function optimally and ultimately survive.

Fats can positively benefit many things such as:
Immune System
Nervous System
Blood Pressure
Insulin Sensitivity (remember this from the carbs bit?)
Healthy Testosterone Levels
Improve Fat Oxidation
Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated fats are also linked to improved heart health.



We should never go too ‘low fat’ in our diets, a good starting point is to obtain around 30% of our total calories from fat.

The types of fats are important too.

We need to get ‘essential fatty acids’ from our diets.

The ones you will have come across are Omega 3 and 6.




These are found in food such as oily fish (If you don’t like fish you can supplement with a good fish oil).

The fat we should avoid, where possible, is called trans fat. (This is man made)

Trans fat has been linked to health issues.

A little bit isn’t going to kill you, but we should ensure we don’t have too much.


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Last Point

Don’t be a fat loving moron!

The likes of Joe Wicks have jumped on the ‘fat is good for you’ band wagon, and bless him he’s not wrong.


If your goal is weight loss then calories are still the most important consideration.

Mindlessly eating nuts by the bag, peanut butter by the jar, coconut oil or butter with everything and choosing chorizo and bacon as your go to protein sources, will ensure that you over consume calories and don’t lose weight.




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