Nicks Story

The reason I started RM Fitness was because I was feeling unhappy with the way I looked and felt. I was doing no exercise at all and eating rubbish everyday. It had got to the point that i knew something had to change , i needed to find somwhere that i could improve.

From the first day I started at RM Fitness the staff and members have all been great and the sessions are always different so it keeps me interested. The other members are awesome and they really motivate me to keep turining up every single week. I didnt have much gym experiance when i first started, but the combination of both the coaches and other members have allowed me to progress my strength and fitness in many different areas of training.

Since joining RM Fitness I’ve lost 16 pounds, got much stronger and fitter in all areas. I have finally found something that i can stick to in the long run. i didnt want a quick fix , i wanted to continue enjoying myself with myfamily. i didnt want to eat chicken and brocoli forever, i wanted a balance and ive finally been educated on how i can do it.  I now feel much healthier, confident and understand how to balance my lifestyle with my diet and training.

Its a great feeling everyime i walk through the door, RMF has changed my perception of gyms and training facilities. I love it !

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