Nat’s Story

Before coming to RM Fitness I didn’t think of myself as unhappy or unhealthy. It wasn’t until my doctor told me I had high cholesterol , high blood pressure and was borderline diabetic that I really opened my eyes. This explained the reason for me feeling tired and sluggish all of the time.

Immediately I had to make a change. I tried initially by purchasing a treadmill however it just wasn’t something that is could stick to. So I began seeking out help. I found RM fitness and have never looked back.

For me , the programming and sessions the RMF team create, is incredible. its something the has shown clear effectiveness in my results and is something I hav been able to stick to. The atmosphere, and other members at the gym makes it the best hour of my day.

The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. I ask a lot of questions and they have answered all of them. I have had a great deal of support from the staff with both my training and nutrition which has allowed me to apply this information and achieve results.

My health concerns have now gone, I am fitter, stronger and healthier than ever. But not only that I now feel I have a much better quality of life and even find comfort in the fact I will be around for much longer!

My advise to anyone sat at home is to take the first step. without taking the first step you are guaranteed to stay exactly where you are. If you take the fist step, you can achieve anything !

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