Master Your Rowing Technique

Rowing Technique Fundamentals:

Rowing is a great exercise. It taxes your cardio vascular system and is a also a great whole body strength & conditioning tool.

Its important to get your technique nailed to make the most of the rower, so here is a video and some tips to help you:


  • Arms straight, head neutral.
  • Upper body leaning forward from the hips with shoulders in front of hips.
  • Knees flexed and shins vertical (heels may lift up)

Initiate The Pull:

  • Start by pressing with the legs
  • Bring the back through the vertical position before adding a big pull with the arms
  • Hands need to move in a straight line with you shoulders relaxed

Finish The Pull:

  • Upper body leaning back slightly
  • Legs extended with the handle held just below the ribs
  • Try to keep wrists / grip relaxed

Returning To The Fly Wheel:

  • First extend the arms until they straighten
  • Lean forward from the hips towards the fly wheel
  • Once hands pass the knees allow knees to bend and gradually the seat will slide forward


For the next stroke return to the start position and repeat the process.


Team RMF



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