How To Manage Those Office Treats

The office can be a nightmare when you’re on a diet. It could be 9am on a Monday morning and that familiar email pops up “Donuts in the kitchen…”.

If it’s not somebody’s birthday, someone’s leaving, someone’s been promoted, someone’s having a baby, a deal’s completed, the boss is treating the team, the sun’s out, donuts because it’s Friday yay!

You might have cleared your cupboards of temptation at home and avoided buying biscuits in the weekly shop but you then have them (literally) thrown at you in the office and you’re probably the subject of office bants if you refrain.

“Go on, just have one”, “Treat yourself”, “Go onnnnnnnnn”, “Mmmmm you’re missing out, these are sooooo good”.

“Oh go on then – just the one”

So unless you’ve got will power of steel you’ll probably indulge in a few office treats and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, over a week, month, year it all adds up and those office treats here and there could be slowly undoing your hard work.

One tactic you could try is mindful eating. Instead of idly grabbing something as you walk past (probably half eating it on the way back to your desk), stop and take a few minutes to enjoy it back at your desk.

Have a glance at the back of the packets. If you’re aware of how many calories are in those treats it might make you think twice about going back for 2nds or 3rds.

That glazed 300 kcal Krispie Kreme will take over 200 burpees to burn off! Still tempted for a second?

Build some treats into your weekly calorie allowance so you can have that odd donut and not feel guilty. Or, keep your other snacks and meals healthy that day and make sure you don’t skip your usual gym session.

They might seem insignificant but they can impact your progress if you don’t keep track longterm. Track them and “consciously consume” them and you can still work those office treats into your diet.

Coach Kate

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