Liz’s Story

Meet RMF Member Liz Gregory.
 Liz, 49, is an ICU Nurse with two children.
 She has had some amazing results and finally broken her YO YO dieting cycle.
Check out her story below:
 “I knew I was over weight, my size 14 clothes were getting tighter & I was worried about the effect it was having on my health.
I was breathless running up 3 flights of stairs at work and as an ICU Nurse who works shifts, I’m on my feet and non stop.
Mentally I was sad and emotional, worrying about my body image resulting in low self esteem, anxiety & low confidence. I felt tired with no energy which just added to my usual daily stresses.

I had to make a change so I reached out to RM Fitness.

The sessions are structured & diverse, and are a good mix of weights and fitness & the coaches are not only great at what they do technically – but they actually care about you doing well.

RM Fitness does not have an intimidating or threatening environment, it’s full of good hearted banter.
Other members are supportive & encouraging. We’re all at different abilities, have different goals but we all started at the same place.

There are no air heads or gym d**ks….just a great family, that train, support each other & get results.

Personally my results have been awesome !

I have lost 13kgs, dropped body fat & inches resulting in a dress size 10.
More importantly I’ve kept if off. No more “Yo Yo” dieting, even though I still have an active social life & enjoy food.
I am more educated about nutrition, food prep, planning, forming habits & making consistent changes to my life style.
I’m a girl who is confident to “lifts weights” now massively improving my strength – I can even do TWO pull ups now!
PLUS I can do burpees & keep up with the lads too which is cool!!

My resting Heart Rate has reduced from 85 Beets Per Minute to 53. My blood pressure is healthy & my routine bloods are normal. I haven’t used an inhaler for 2yrs.If I could bottle how I feel now 3yrs on & sell it…….I would be a millionairess.

I feel alive, I have more energy, less stress.

I want to go to the gym, it’s part of my life & it has brought out a healthy competitiveness in me.


I take part in organised events, take on new challenges, I’m not frightened to have a go.


For me I love the journey and have changed my life & I’m never ever going back.

You are here but a short time, be healthy & enjoy it.”

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