Lauren’s Story

Before I came to RM Fitness I had lost around 2 stone on my own but I found I could no longer sustain beasting myself in the gym and not eating very much. I couldn’t do it any longer. I had no strength or energy an I was seeking out somewhere that could educate me on how I can continue to sustain my results and continue to improve without carrying on feeling like this.

That is when I found RM fitness. Its was perfect.

For me its been key that I can finally make the gym part of my routine. I set out to do 3 clear sessions per week minimum. this is something that is realistic and is something that fits in my busy life schedule. 1 hour is just 4 percent of the day everyone can do it , its just wether its a priority.

The education I have received from the coaches has been a game changer. I have a busy work a social life and im often traveling around the world. Its been important that I have learnt how to manage my training and nutrition in order to sustain my progress both when at home and when working away.

I’ve found that its not just about eating chicken and broccoli out of Tupperware , its about having a balance. I still eat and drink the things that I enjoy because I’ve learned how to manage this balance.

Since I’ve been here I’ve lost another stone, dropped dress sizes and feel more confidant than ever, fitter than ever, and healthier than ever before.

I couldn’t believe I was now in a gym and I was enjoying what I was doing. I genuinely look forward to turning up to the gym and working out with a bunch of great people in such a supportive environment.

I advise everyone not to be scared or intimidated , everyone is welcome ! Its for Real people, Real life, Real results.


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