Jonny’s Story


“I grew up struggling with my weight throughout most of my youth, which was the result of a bad relationship with food. As I hit my mid teens I started to get into exercise and making an effort to reverse the damage done growing up.

I was that person that was either ‘on it’ or ‘off it’, this was backed up by having two different sets of clothes in my wardrobe…the fat and thin set!

In 2013 / 2014 I was involved in numerous injuries playing football that led to two operations to fix my ligaments. I had also recently gotten engaged and the wedding was 6 months away. At this point I was the heaviest I had ever been at 18 stone and knowing I could not allow myself to look this way on our wedding photos. I would never forgive myself.

This was the lowest point in my life, feeling like I was not worthy of having such a beautiful (soon to be) Wife, my self confidence was low and I was in a downward spiral of comfort eating and had no drive to exercise. This took its toll on my work life where stress was getting the better of me and I wasn’t the best company to be around.

After my first conversation with the RM Staff I knew there and then this would be a life changer for me.

In my first session I instantly clicked with both the Staff and the Members which I cannot stress the important of ! Without them it would be just another gym. The enthusiasm, knowledge and drive of the staff is infectious as they want nothing than to see you improve.

I have never driven past the gym and straight home due to not feeling up for it, after 3 years I still don’t think I have done the same session twice, and I have NEVER walked out of the gym feeling worse than when I walked in.

I now consider RM my second home, a place to socialise, a stress reliever and most importantly a place to improve myself. I really don’t know where my life would be without it.

I have lost 2 stone, 10% body fat however my proudest results are the increase in strength I have gained hitting 130kg on Bench Press, 210kg Deadlifts and recently Squatting 200kg all for 3 reps.

My body composition has changed dramatically meaning I fill t-shirts in the right places and I don’t struggle getting into a normal size pair of pants anymore! I no longer concern too much on what the scale say and more on how I feel, how I look in the mirror and how fit I feel exercising.

I have just become a father for the first time and my Wife will agree that RM has made me a better husband and set the foundations to become a good role model for our Boy.”

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