Ilona’s Story


Over the years I have tried every diet going, with varying degrees of success but never managed to stick to anything long term.

I would get fit and healthy, run a marathon, and then go back to my old ways. Which basically I meant I was in a cycle of starvation and frustration!

I joined RM in January, on the recommendation of a friend, having never lifted a weight before so was pretty nervous walking into my first session. The team, coaches and members instantly made me feel at ease and have been a constant source of support and motivation.

The coaches will happily adapt sessions to suit ability, injuries etc but will never let you off easy! Alongside the training sessions, you get advice on nutrition, home workouts and staying motivated.

I’m now lifting weights I couldn’t imagine at the start of the year, I’ve dropped body fat and put muscle on – finally I have a proper bum! Despite running a lot less, I knocked an hour off my marathon time in May and got a new 10k PB in September. At 35, I’m infinitely fitter, happier and more confident than I’ve ever been before. I never thought I’d say this, but I genuinely look forward to going to the gym now!

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