How to handle Easter when you’re on a diet…

How to handle Easter when you’re on a diet…


Chocolate is around 365 days of the year – it’s not going anywhere after this weekend!

It can still be really hard to stay committed to a diet over a long Bank holiday weekend (especially when there’s so much temptation around).

If you don’t want to forgo the chocolate completely here are some tips to stay on track without undoing all of your hard work:

  1. Try opting for a dark chocolate egg which will have a more cocoa, less sugar and a lower fat content.
  2. Reduce your daily calories and snacks for a few days either side of the weekend to allow for a few indulges.
  3. Share an egg with someone and share the calories.
  4. Make it a worth it! Buy decent quality chocolate and enjoy it!
  5. Work in some exercise over the bank holiday.
  6. Make your own healthier Easter treats so you know exactly what’s in them.
  7. Ditch the large egg and buy mini eggs instead.
  8. If you’d usually nosh an Easter egg in one sitting try portioning it over a few days to spread the calories.
  9. If you normally track your calories don’t skip it over the weekend when you have extra treats. Even if you do binge – tracking will help youstay accountable.
  10. Try shopping online to avoid walking past the aisles filled with chocolate.

Whatever you do, have a great Bank holiday weekend!

Coach Kate


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