How to do Pizza Express on a diet

You’re going out to lunch at Pizza Express this week, they’ve got a new menu and some pretty good deals but wait, you don’t want to undo all your hard work…

The average 3 course meal at Pizza Express comes in at around 1800-2000+ calories. If you don’t want to blow an entire day’s worth of calories in one sitting there are some canny tips you can implement to still enjoy pizza on a diet.

Before we start, watch out for the salads!

Don’t idly choose a salad thinking it’s a healthier option here. With the exception of the Leggera Superfood Salad these salads average around 800-1200kcals a portion – that’s more calories than an entire classic pizza.

Secondly, don’t opt for gluten free thinking it’s healthier – those choices contain  the same calories and are only better for you if you have a genuine gluten allergy.

Finally, don’t think that the thinner Romana base pizzas are lighter options – they average an extra 200-300kcals than the classic thicker base options.

Particular heavy hitters on the menu are the Calamari, Classic Antipasti, Pollo Pesto, Chicken Caesar/Pollo Salads, Calabrese pizza, Chocolate fondant and the Honeycomb slice.

So what are some of the lighter options you could choose?


Olives: 122kcals

Roasted Tomatoes: 67kcals

Buffalo mozzeralla and tomato salad: 331kcals

Dough balls: 361kcals (You could share any of these and share the calories).


Pollo ad Astra Leggera pizza – 486kcals

P:36.9g C:54.5g F:14.1g – this is my top pick for being low calorie and high protein!

Padana Leggera pizza – 465kcals

P:15.8g C:67.7g F:14.1g

American Hot Leggera pizza – 440kcals

P:24.2g C:49.3g F:17.3g

The Superfood Leggera salad – 472kcals

P: 14.5g C: 38.4g F28.2 or add a portion of chicken to increase the protein content bringing it to 642kcals.

Classic Margherita pizza – 729kcals

P: 35.7g C: 91.1g F:23.3g (you could share and add a mixed leaf side salad for 176kcals).


Raspeberry sorbet – 100kcals per scoop

Lemon posset crunch dolcetti – 194kcals (not inc. choice of coffee)

Café Reale dolcetti – 191cals (not inc. choice of coffee)

Watch out for extra liquid calories in drinks. If you’re trying to save calories opt for water, diet or zero versions of fizzy drinks or ask for skimmed milk in your coffee.

Youcould either go all out with the likes of pizza, doughballs and tiramisu and just reduce the calories on your other meals that day/week or up your exercise to balance things out. Overall the best diet is one that you can balance with your lifestyle to sustain long term results. Most menus also now include the nutritional info so you can still go out and make an informed choice.

What would you choose?

Coach Kate

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