Hayley’s Story

Six years ago I needed surgery to remove my appendix. Prior to my op, I had been making some bad decisions with my diet, and then the recovery period post surgery meant that I was unable to exercise, and I gained a lot of weight. I was fat, unfit and unhappy.

I joined RM Fitness in November 2011 ready to make the changes that would get me to a better place. I was really nervous, as I had never been to a gym like RM before, or done anything similar in training style. My first session was physically tough, but I had good coaching from the trainers, had everything explained, and I felt looked after. There was no doubt that I was hooked straight away, I absolutely loved it!

I started off doing 2 sessions per week but I saw results pretty quickly in my body shape, my fitness and most of all my mental attitude. I felt positive and focussed and soon became ‘addicted’,  addicted to the feeling that the gym and training gave me, addicted to the way I was now looking and addicted to the community that is RM Fitness.

The community that has been built at RM is truly brilliant! All of the members are supportive and are all chasing the same goal: to be better. I am privileged to have made some really good friends through the gym.

The information that is available on the members’ page ensures that you have all the resources to make the right lifestyle choices, and the coaches are always available for help, advice and all round support.

Six years on and I am a better person for joining RM. I am 2 stone lighter, fitter, and much stronger, and it has also impacted massively on my mentality. Training keeps me focussed and motivated, it helps with stress relief and it makes me want to continually be better.  I have learned that training consistently, and making the right choices with my diet allows me to maintain a lifestyle and have now become a habit rather than a chore.

This may sound cheesy, but I am so glad that I have RM Fitness and its’ awesome community in my life.


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