Hayley’s Competition

Huge congratulations to RMF Member Hayley Lane

Over the last 12 weeks Hayley has been in preparation for her first ever Strong Woman Competition

She chose to step up and Take on 1-1 coaching in order to have the best possible training, nutritional and mindset development as-well as having someone to rely on for support and guidance.

The hard work she has put in over the last 12 weeks involved training early each and every morning and sometimes again in the evening.

She has dedicated her entire focus and effort into something she believed she could achieve.

During yesterdays competition Hayley Placed 1st in 4/5 events and placed 2nd in one Event against 20 other competitors.

She achieved what she had set out to do. She placed 1st overall and won the competition by a long way on her first strong woman experience.

Events / Results 

60 Second Deadlift Max Reps 90kg =23 Reps = 1st Place

60 Second Axel bar Ground to over head= 16 Reps= 1st Place 

60 seconds Dball over Yolk (4ft)  Max reps 50kg = 12 Reps = 1st Place 

60 seconds Dball Carry Max Distance shuttle 50kg = 242ft = 1st Place 

Farmers Hold Max Time 70kg = 1:47 = 2nd Place 

What an amazing example… 


Hard Work


She was willing to Sacrifice so much and and put in so much work and investment in order to achieve what SHE wanted.

Not everyone goals are the same, but whatever your goal is it needs to be matched with the appropriate level of effort and commitment.

What an awesome day watching her succeed and conquer.

Great work Hayley from all at Team RMF.

And great support from the RM Fitness comunity

The presentation

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