Week 1: 60 Second Press press up challenge

  1. Set the clock for 60 seconds
  2. Complete as many press ups as you can before time runs out

MY SCORE: 57 Reps

Week 2: Max time, Ski Sit challenge

  1. Use a solid wall
  2. Sit with back against the wall with no support
  3. Take your knees to a 90 degree angle as if sitting on a chair
  4. Hold this position for as longs Possible

MY SCORE: 2:13

Week 3: 60 second KB Swing Max Reps

  1. Set 60 seconds on the clock
  2. Complete as many KB Swings as possible

MY SCORE: 43 Reps

Week 4: 15 Cal Assault Bike For Time

  1. Set 15 cal on the monitor
  2. Complete 15 cals as fast as possible

MY SCORE: 19.0 seconds

Week 4: 50% Squat Challenge

  1. Set the barbell to 50% of your body weight
  2. Set the clock for 60 seconds
  3. Complete as many reps as possible


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