How to enjoy a cheeky Nando’s when you’re on a diet

So your mates are all going to Nando’s on Friday. You don’t want to miss it but you’ve smashed your nutrition and the gym all week and don’t want to undo the hard work.

The average Nando’s meal with a half a chicken and two regular sides comes in at around 1000-1500 calories.

If you don’t want to blow most of your calorie allowance on one meal, there are actually loads of options on Nando’s menu that won’t screw your diet.

For example:

Chicken Butterfly – 330 kcals

1/4 Chicken breast – 298 kcals


Regular Supergrain Salad – 188 kcals

Corn on the cob – 144 kcals

Chargrilled veg – 98 kcals

Mixed leaf salad – 13 kcals

Macho peas – 141 kcals


Supergrain salad with chicken – 507 kcals

Chicken Caesar salad – 464 kcals

Chicken Mediterranean salad – 417 kcals


Bottomless Fat free Frozen yoghurt – remember its ‘fat free’ not calorie free – it comes in around 100 kcals a tub – so if it fits your macros go for it!

All of these options come in around 500 kcals and under. So you can still have that occasional cheeky Nando’s when you’re on a diet!

You could either go all out and have the chicken and chips – but to stay on track try reducing the calories on your other meals that day/week. Or choose one of the lower calorie options above.

In the end the best diet is one that you can balance with your lifestyle and sustain long term. Most menus also now show the nutritional info so you can still go out and make an informed choice. 👍😋

Coach Kate


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