Enjoy Alcohol And Stay In Shape

Alcohol and being in shape don’t usually go together

You are either on the wagon or off the wagon… Right?

What if we told you how to enjoy alcohol and stay in shape.

Arnold Holding Alcohol

First of all we need to understand something

You can’t be a complete P**S Head AND still be in great shape!

What I’m getting at here is this: how can we live as life of balance?

To strive to find ways to find that balance.

Looking and feeling epic WHILST still eating the foods and drinking the drinks  (yup including beer) you enjoy is what we are talking about here.

Look, there is always some douche bag that takes things to extremes..

Like on one end of the scale;

Is someone who is a member the sub 5% body fat club, YES they are shredded 365 days per year,

BUT their whole life HAS to revolve around steamed chicken and broccoli, depriving themselves & being lean as s**t and posting pictures of their half naked & oiled up torsos on Instagram lol.

On the other hand, there will be some that take this message to the other end of the extreme, and use it to validate being lazy and drinking and eating too much.

That’s totally cool with us if thats who you are – we do NOT tell people how they should live their life.

What this blog IS about however, is educating those of a similar mindset how to create the flexibility to be able to:

  • perform in the gym
  • look good
  • feel F**king EPIC
  • WHILST not having to give up everything they enjoy (aka a few beers in this case)

Lets get into it:

1 – Be RELEVANT (with what YOU want)

This means being clear on what you want.

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If you want to compete in a bodybuilding show in 12 weeks are have booked a photoshoot, then obviously beers at the weekend are a no go.

But if you want to look f**king epic in a teeshirt, be a bad ass in the gym then have some decent muscle mass and definition when you take your shirt off…then there is a way to work alcohol into your plan.

You need to know what you want and what you are prepared to give up.

I’ve never been prepared to completely give up beers.

The leanest I’ve been was before my wedding in 2010 and got to sub 10% body fat and clear visible abs.

Russ Meadows 2010 Alcohol

Even then I didn’t completely give up beer.

YES…I could have gotten lean-ER if I had done – but I knew what I was prepared to give up and what I wasn’t.

2 – Train Like A SAVAGE

How many EXTRA calories would you burn if you trained 20% harder?

Or you trained 4 x week instead of 3?

You can do the above and get even faster results than you are doing now


You can do the above to ALLOW for more flexibility with a few beers at the weekend.

So you could train on a Saturday morning as an EXTRA session if you were going to have a few beers on a Saturday night


You could go for a 60 min walk on a Sundays morning if you had a few beers on a Saturday night

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3 – Drop Your Calorie Intake Slightly

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So a tactic I often use is to eat lower calorie foods on a FRIDAY/ SATURDAY to create more flexibility for a few beers on a Saturday night

Examples in and around the weekend:

  • Take egg yolks out your morning omelette
  • Drop carbs lower in main meals (rice, pasta, bread, potatoes)
  • Eat low fat meat cuts like chicken and turkey instead of steak, pork and salmon
  • Cut out high calorie snacks like nuts, peanut butter


4 – Hydrate

We need water to survive.

We need water to Thrive. 

We can’t get lean or build muscle optimally when dehydrated.

Alcohol is a diuretic meaning it makes you pee out more volume than the volume you consume of the drink.

Sitting on a urinal after Alcohol

So alcohol dehydrates us.

You should be hydrated every day anyway so if you are not address this.

Further to that, try increasing water slightly over the weekend if you plan on a few beers.

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5 – Get Right Back To Normal The Day After Alcohol

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So often when we have couple beers we feel like eating crap the day after.

It can be said that alcohol makes us crave salt, sugary and higher fat foods.

But also Its a bit of a mentality thing;

we’ve all thought to ourselves “well, I’ve messed up on my diet now by having a few beers, so I might as well go mental and eat loads of junk too”

“Hung for a lamb, hung for a sheep” I think the saying is.

How about just keep your food on track the next day 🙂

There you go guys – just don’t use this post to extremes and don’t use it to validate you drinking too much.

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4 Comments to “ Enjoy Alcohol And Stay In Shape”

  1. Sue Trott says :Reply

    Great advice! I also prepare my meals for the day following my alcohol treat to keep me on track

    1. Russ says :Reply

      Good work Sue 🙂

  2. Chris says :Reply

    Looking to join Manchester gym and could I request details ? Sessions? Classes? Cost?
    Many thanks in advance

    1. Russ says :Reply

      Hi Chris, thanks for reaching out – my colleague, Sam, will drop you an message.

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