Denise’s Story

This is what Denise had to say :

Before I came to RM Fitness I was over weight, had high blood pressure, struggled to recover from work stresses and was very unfit. After being embarrassed into doing something by my GP I joined a commercial gym and slimming world. Neither was for me!

My sons said you need guidance, objectives, support and someone to focus you. They sent me to meet The guys down at RM. Forgot to say my body fat was 49%. I started PT and had little confidence to join classes. That quickly changed with the support, discipline and accountability that RM gave me.

You can get it so wrong with basic nutrition and training. I worked hard and loved the way I felt. Comparing weights with my sons, fell walking and wild camping with my husband just some of the things that changed for me. I love doing weights and I like having a cardio blow out too.

The inches dropped off and stayed off. 4 dress sizes and 3 stone later RM is a way of life for me. I work hard and like to holiday frequently but I have never regressed. I train 3-5x per week and understand now how to eat healthy. I feel much more confident and am healthier. I never seem to be ill but one of our trainers once said the stronger you are the harder you are to kill!

Being part of the RM community is so easy. There is no real pressure but the support network is amazing so you constantly set yourself goals to achieve and you do it. You are accountable to yourself but when your trainer is putting so much work in to help you then you feel accountable to them and that keeps you on track

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