Christian’s story

Before joining RM Fitness I was not happy with my body shape, I used to do a bit of cycling and the lycra really clings to the love handles and was very conscious of them. I had already lost a couple of stone before joining RM but was not where I wanted to be.

The RM process has really worked well for me; the classes are well structured so you don’t have to think about what work out you need to do (like you’d have to in a commercial gym). As you work with the other members in small groups or pairs you always have someone to support and push you. There is a good atmosphere created by the coaches and the other members which encourages you to work hard. Previously in commercial gyms I would be bored or frustrated I can’t get on the equipment I want after about 20 minutes so just go and sit in the steam room, that doesn’t happen at RM! I found the nutrition advice simple and easy to follow, and it really helped educate me on where I’d been going wrong before.

I’ve lost about 2 stone since joining RM Fitness, body fat is down from 25% to 10%, jeans size 36” inch down to 32”. I had to buy all new clothes as I didn’t fit in anything anymore! My strength and fitness levels have massively increased. My 10km time has improved by 10 minutes and my half marathon time by 35 minutes since starting. This is with minimal actual running training, but due to the fitness and strength improvements, the classes have given me.

I now feel fitter, healthier and stronger. I feel a lot more confident in myself than 3 years ago

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