Carl’s Story

This is what carl had to say

I joined RM after I’d just lost a loved one and my job which sent me into a downward spiral of depression. Before I got overweight with high blood pressure I considered myself rather fit and would attend a local gym, but with no knowledge of what I was doing.

To cut it short I wanted to get back at it and RM Fitness was the open door I needed,needed, it literally saved my life. The process may seem scary at first but you will immediately feel at home, the coaches, structure and the people you meet are the best! I am a totally new person. Im happier, stronger and fitter!

So let’s see where I started and where I am now!

Weight 107.4kg down to 85kg
Waist 44inch down to 32 inch
Chest 45 (fat) down to 42 up to 44 (muscle)

My clothes no longer fit haha. I have had to get a completely new wardrobe.

Gainz 💪💪. Now thanks to the team I feel like superman, I know I’m not haha but I feel great!

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