95% Will FAIL (Will YOU?)

 95% FAIL (Will YOU?) Do you know what I’m talking about? Talking about weight RE-GAIN after a ‘diet’ Research on how many people keep the weight off once they ‘finish’ a diet shows an alarming number of people put ALL the weight back on… A quick Google search lead me to several articles pointing to around

Learning NEW Exercises in the Gym

Done you a short video last night tribe… It was pretty late last night after I’d been coaching in RMF Manchester and my head was a bit scrambled so forgive me if I look WIRED and TIRED! Its only a short one (3 mins 5 secs) But contains a very powerful message I answer the following questions: –

Ramp Up Your Fat Burning…

   High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Why? – Save Time – Fire Up Your Metabolism – Continue To Burn Calories After Your Session – Preserve Lean Muscle Tissue Get your ‘HIIT’ right with this simple plan!…. Choose one or several simple exercises where you can safely push yourself hard! (think low skill movement) for example:
   As a coach people often come to you for advice, support, help, education etc…But never underestimate how much coaches learn from their clients.I have learnt so much from Victoria over the past 2 years, and I am a better coach for the experience. It’s been a roller coaster ride… lots of highs and lows…
 “The main reason I started, I will be honest, I started because of my kids. I started out 20 weeks ago,Unhappy, massively overweight, terrible diet, no structure, un-motivated, hardly any exercise… and loads of excuses why!” Andrew’s story so far… “Hi, just a few words to explain my story. I started out 20 weeks ago, 
Staying on track at weekends – food wise In this video you will LEARN: – Your triggers to binge eating – Learn WHY we do this (its an emotional thing) – Picking at your kids food – SEDATING with junk food and booze – When its OK to ‘Take the Hit’ Watch the video for
In this In Depth Tutorial Style Video YOU Will Learn: 1 – Why Eating Ice Cream, Drinking Alcohol and Nailing Take Always WON’T Always Make You Fat 2 – How to Fix a Broken Metabolism 3 -The ONE Big Training Mistake that will Result in you Wasting your Time and Even GAINING Weight 4 – How Increasing the Deadlift
“I started at RM in May 2013 after having possibly the worst 2 years ever with problems with my health. I suffer from a problem with my immune system and had 2 bad bouts of pneumonia and endless infections. After finally getting myself kind of back on my feet, and a month or 2 of
Sarah Cathie – Mother of 6! #1 Weight loss over 2 and a half stone! #2 Improved Fitness completing several 10km runs with a PB of 46:08! #3 Key Strength Stats Deadlift 5RM 90kg Squat 5RM 80kg Bench Press 45kg “I have completed my first 10k Wigan run and Southport 10k with a time of
This topic is huge! And I’ll be scratching the surface… There is plenty of debate in the industry surrounding approaches for health, dieting and body composition. You may hear the names of different diets and methods such as clean eating, paleo diet, IIFYM (if it fits your macros), flexible dieting, intermittent fasting, carb cycling etc.
This post is for ANYONE that has Failed on their quest to HIT their end goalBecause Either A) They got so overwhelmed by the size of the goal and the actions needed that they DIDNT even get started or B) Got started OK (maybe multiple times) but seems to be some ‘invisible force’ that is stopping

Female Fat Loss Series Part 1…

   The primary concern women have when it comes to weight training is, “I don’t want to get big or bulky.” We are here to tell you that you won’t. Muscle weighs heavier than fat though right?? Well yes this is true, (kind of) obviously 5lb of fat weighs the same at 5lb of muscle

Are YOU taking the easy route?

 Taking the Easy Route is very easy to do.  But it is also one of the fastest and surest ways to frustrate yourself with complete lack of results from your efforts. In this Video Blog, Russ talks about this contagious ‘Disease’ and how to avoid making critical mistakes like this that halt your progress… Don’t forget to leave
Watch this 10 min Video Blog where I talk about FAILURE and  reveal my “success mindset” In this 10-minute video I will give vital tips too those on a journey of improvement weather it be losing weight or running a fitness business.   I talk about: – How I schedule my ‘non negotiable’ family time –
‘Beasting’ oneself in every high intensity circuit class or bootcamp you can find is a popular method these days and not forgetting the ever present social media post following the session when crawling out of the gym dripping with sweat… what a feeling! I get it, honestly I do, its a pretty cool feeling knowing