Often we are just so overwhelmed with the amount of information out there on how to get into shape that we are Paralysed by Overanalysis…   1 – Be Consistent Nothing kills progress faster than doing really well for a couple weeks then binging out and stopping training only to be back a square
 Probably the most common question lots of male gym goers will get asked. Are you embarrassed by the answer you have to give? Watch The Video Below For 3 Powerful Tips To Improve Your Bench Press Video Cheat Sheet: Tip 1 – BUILD A BASE 0:05 – ‘You can’t fire a cannon from a canoe’

3 Muscle Building Video’s

   lets face it; Trying to build muscle mass can seem to take forever and be a really frustrating process Watch these Three Video’s for some powerful tips Video 1 – How to AVOID shoulder injuries when lifting weights (Some common mistakes a lot of guys make too) Video 2 – How To Build Strength
If you’re using the same Tired Old Routine for your arm training then this is a must read blog… Use these 7 Tips To RAPIDLY Increase the size of your arms 1 – MIX IT UP (Sets & Reps) Use a range In the same workout WHY? This will stimulate all muscle fibre types resulting you
 We all get those days where we just can’t be bothered to go out and exercise In fact you might even be stuck in a RUT for a few days, weeks, months or years Watch this video blog… So I had ‘One of those days’ last week when I just didn’t want to train Was
So you want to get after it in 2016? * You want to drop some Body Fat? * You want to Get Stronger? * You want unstoppable energy? * You want some Athletic Muscle Mass?Read on for 3 Simple, quick things you can do TODAY…     At RM Fitness, as coaching staff, we all buy into
 Read onto find out what Ive ‘given up’ coffee ​(not forever though)and got some impressive Fat Loss results this last 10 days Why I gave Up Coffee You’d never of imagined I would give up coffee Even in my Instagram Bio I describe myself as a coffee lover! ​ ​I want to give you a reason to

How To Build Self Confidence & Self Esteem

 A HUGE insight I’ve had over the last few years is that both SELF CONFIDENCE and SELF ESTEEM have got to be FORGED in most of us We are not all born with these qualities Read on to lean our advice on how to FORGE your SELF CONFIDENCE AND SELF ESTEEM… During this 4 min video

How to STOP Weight Loss Being Boring

  ​Yes because we realise you are ‘everyday’ people who read these blogs…You have the day-to-day pressures, strains and stresses of life Kids, career, personal issues to work through   Lets face it, weight loss can be boring at times if your not careful how you approach it So we like to show you how

95% Will FAIL (Will YOU?)

 95% FAIL (Will YOU?) Do you know what I’m talking about? Talking about weight RE-GAIN after a ‘diet’ Research on how many people keep the weight off once they ‘finish’ a diet shows an alarming number of people put ALL the weight back on… A quick Google search lead me to several articles pointing to around

Learning NEW Exercises in the Gym

Done you a short video last night tribe… It was pretty late last night after I’d been coaching in RMF Manchester and my head was a bit scrambled so forgive me if I look WIRED and TIRED! Its only a short one (3 mins 5 secs) But contains a very powerful message I answer the following questions: –

Ramp Up Your Fat Burning…

   High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Why? – Save Time – Fire Up Your Metabolism – Continue To Burn Calories After Your Session – Preserve Lean Muscle Tissue Get your ‘HIIT’ right with this simple plan!…. Choose one or several simple exercises where you can safely push yourself hard! (think low skill movement) for example:
   As a coach people often come to you for advice, support, help, education etc…But never underestimate how much coaches learn from their clients.I have learnt so much from Victoria over the past 2 years, and I am a better coach for the experience. It’s been a roller coaster ride… lots of highs and lows…
 “The main reason I started, I will be honest, I started because of my kids. I started out 20 weeks ago,Unhappy, massively overweight, terrible diet, no structure, un-motivated, hardly any exercise… and loads of excuses why!” Andrew’s story so far… “Hi, just a few words to explain my story. I started out 20 weeks ago, 
Staying on track at weekends – food wise In this video you will LEARN: – Your triggers to binge eating – Learn WHY we do this (its an emotional thing) – Picking at your kids food – SEDATING with junk food and booze – When its OK to ‘Take the Hit’ Watch the video for