Liz’s Story

Meet RMF Member Liz Gregory.  Liz, 49, is an ICU Nurse with two children.  She has had some amazing results and finally broken her YO YO dieting cycle. Check out her story below:  “I knew I was over weight, my size 14 clothes were getting tighter & I was worried about the effect it was

Master Your Rowing Technique

Rowing Technique Fundamentals: Rowing is a great exercise. It taxes your cardio vascular system and is a also a great whole body strength & conditioning tool. Its important to get your technique nailed to make the most of the rower, so here is a video and some tips to help you: Start: Arms straight, head
Part 3 of your complete Fat Loss Nutrition Guide is here! Having covered energy balance (Calories) and Protein, we are taking things a step further and looking at Fats & Carbohydrates. Firstly, a quick recap from parts 1 & 2:   Calories DO matter. When it comes to dropping fat, the first port of call
Welcome back to your complete Fat Loss Nutrition Guide. (Part 2 – Protein)   Firstly a quick recap from Part 1:   Calories DO matter Management of our energy balance (Calories in Vs Calories out) is the most valuable tool in our arsenal when it comes to changing our body composition (how much body fat
Before I start with the fat loss guide, let me outline what this is NOT: A list of fat loss inducing foods (there aren’t any) A detox or a cleanse guide (if you’ve a liver and kidneys you’ll be grand) A quick fix generalised ‘diet plan’ (the only method that will work is one you
Protein is essential for muscle growth and repair. If you didn’t know that, now you do. Protein is also essential for optimal health, and ultimately our survival. Protein Shakes can play their part in this. (but they aren’t magic) Most of our dietary protein should come from our food. Good old animal proteins such as fish, meat,
I can’t afford to eat healthily. How often do we hear that healthy eating is expensive? Often this statement is TRUE… ‘Health’ food sales are expected to reach $1 trillion this year, according to Forbes, and it has been polled that 88% of people are willing to pay more for ‘healthier’ foods. (Neilsen’s 2015 Global
“Diets don’t work”   We hear it all the time, diets don’t work. BUT… yes they do! Let me explain.     Most diets are designed to achieve fairy rapid weight loss over a given period of time (normally a fairly short time) Many of them have reels of success stories. So they do work
I think we are finally getting to grips with the importance of fat in our diet. For years fat was demonised for the increase in obesity and health issues such as heart disease and high cholesterol.   Why? It’s pretty similar to Dave’s carb scenario. (See this blog for the low down on carbs – )

Nutrition Myth #1 Carbs Make You Fat

Nutrition Myth #1 – Carbs Make You Fat Warning High Meme Content (Not A Myth) I love a good myth, just like a good meme, they are entertaining but can be quite annoying.     The problem is that honest, basic nutrition advice is usually dull. It isn’t sexy and it doesn’t sell. A good myth though,

Enjoy Alcohol And Stay In Shape

Alcohol and being in shape don’t usually go together You are either on the wagon or off the wagon… Right? What if we told you how to enjoy alcohol and stay in shape. First of all we need to understand something You can’t be a complete P**S Head AND still be in great shape! What

Female Fat Loss Results

Female Fat Loss Results… Got a question off ‘Leanne’ yesterday. “I’ve seen that you guys get really good results with men, but how about us ladies – do your methods work with us?” In short – YES they do Leanne. But we are not your average ‘health club’ providing classes and a nice cozy social

How Not To be The Weakest Guy In The Gym

We want to teach you how to get stronger. Picture this – It’s 6pm on a Monday evening and you are walking into the free weights area in your local gym. All the benches are taken with some younger care free guys doing the Latest ‘Muscle & Fitness’ CHEST & BICEPS Routine They are having

Training – I’m Stuck!?

So as humans capable of ‘thinking’ we can spend too long ‘thinking’ and not taking action! This results in us being ‘stuck’ at a certain level – this could be stuck because you are waiting to get started, or stuck because you cant achieve the next level with your training… Whenever you are stuck; the
When you woke up this morning, what did you do first? Did you jump in the shower? Check your email or social media on your phone? Clean your teeth? Eat Breakfast? ​ Which way did you go to work? When you arrived did you grab a coffee with a colleague? When you got home did you put your training gear