Hayley’s Competition

Huge congratulations to RMF Member Hayley Lane Over the last 12 weeks Hayley has been in preparation for her first ever Strong Woman Competition She chose to step up and Take on 1-1 coaching in order to have the best possible training, nutritional and mindset development as-well as having someone to rely on for support

Uzair’s Story

This is what uz had to say: Previous to joining RM fitness whilst living in Sheffield I was doing a lot of running. When moving to Manchester 5 years ago I picked up a knee injury which prevented me from running long distance. Me and my wife tried a number of gyms which neither of


Week 1: 60 Second Press press up challenge Set the clock for 60 seconds Complete as many press ups as you can before time runs out MY SCORE: 57 Reps Week 2: Max time, Ski Sit challenge Use a solid wall Sit with back against the wall with no support Take your knees to a

10 Easy Ways To Save 1000 Calories

10 Easy Ways To Save 1000 Calories 1. Swap 1 tbsp olive oil in your cooking for 10 sprays of spray oil = 109 kcals saved. 2. Swap the not so Skinny Latte for an Americano with some skimmed milk = 114 kcals saved. 3. Use unsweetened almond milk in your porridge instead of semi-skimmed = 50 kcals

5 Minute Abs Workout

5 Minute Abs Workout 5 exercises 30 second Change Overs No rest Twice Through Alternative exercises includes Crunch  Targets: Upper abdominals Lying flat on the ground with knees bent and hands behind the head, push lower back into the ground and lift upper back off the ground and slightly forward. Vertical Leg Crunch Targets: Upper

How Healthy Are Smoothies And Juices ?

How many of us have grabbed a smoothie or a juice when we’re trying to be super healthy? They’re packed with fruit/veg and labelled “Innocent”, 1 of your 5 a day, superfoods, vitamins, clean, green detox. They have that health halo effect so they’re surely a healthy no brainier? However, with their bright colourful bottles

Sue’s Story

This is what Sue had to say:  Before I joined RM in Nov 2015 i was at my lowest in terms of how I felt. I remember having to go and buy the next size up in my clothes! I had gone from a size 10 and was now buying size 14 and it didn’t

How to build up to the Bench Press

5 Step Technique to Barbell Bench Press  1.Setup. Lie on the flat bench with your eyes under the bar. Lift your chest and squeeze your shoulder-blades. Feet flat on the floor. 2.Grip Take the hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Hold the bar in the bottom of your palm with a full grip sound the bar.

What’s a healthy pancake recipe?

What’s a healthy pancake recipe? This is a question I get allllll the time around Pancake Day. There are literally tonnes of recipes and variations. You might swap plain flour for whole meal,buckwheat, rice, coconut, quinoa, oats or gluten free. Hey you could cut the flour altogether and make protein pancakes using protein powder. You

Carl’s Story

This is what carl had to say I joined RM after I’d just lost a loved one and my job which sent me into a downward spiral of depression. Before I got overweight with high blood pressure I considered myself rather fit and would attend a local gym, but with no knowledge of what I

Deck of Cards Workout

Quick  Simple  Tough as you want it to be  This is a full body workout that you can do: in the gym , at home or on holiday You can apply as much intensity to it as you want It can be scaled to suit level of fitness and ability Equipment: Deck of cards –

How To Manage Those Office Treats

The office can be a nightmare when you’re on a diet. It could be 9am on a Monday morning and that familiar email pops up “Donuts in the kitchen…”. If it’s not somebody’s birthday, someone’s leaving, someone’s been promoted, someone’s having a baby, a deal’s completed, the boss is treating the team, the sun’s out,

Rob’s Story

This is what Rob Had to say I used to play a lot of football in my early years, but gave it up at 27 years old! Due to the worry about getting injured! I sporadically continued to do some form of exercise, 5 aside, a bit of running or occasionally some cycling! But during

3 Exercises To Help Master Your Deadlift

Conventional Deadlift Fundamentals  1.Your feet should be spaced hip-width apart and your toes pointing straight ahead or slightly outward. Your shoe laces should sit directly under the bar. 2. With knees slightly bent and hands gripping the bar slightly outside of legs, hinge forward from hips to  form the start position. 3. With the bar close
So your mates are all going to Nando’s on Friday. You don’t want to miss it but you’ve smashed your nutrition and the gym all week and don’t want to undo the hard work. The average Nando’s meal with a half a chicken and two regular sides comes in at around 1000-1500 calories. If you