Jamies’s Story

Before I came to RM Fitness I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I was over weight , out of shape and felt sluggish all of the time. I had tried commercial gyms and tried to get a grip of my food but nothing seemed to work, I couldn’t stick to any of it long

Coffee shop tricks

10 tips to get your coffee shop fix without the guilt. Ask for a “skinny” option made with  skimmed milk or soy. For example, a small/primo Costa skinny latte with skimmed milk has just 66 kcals as opposed to 132 kcals when made with whole milk. Skip the cream and save 130 kcals or ask

Marathon Nutrition Tips

It’s officially “running season” with events such as 10km races, marathons and half marathons taking place up and down the country. With any run it’s important to plan your nutrition in advance. This is particularly important for marathons and getting your nutrition right will not only help you perform and feel better but also recover quicker.

Serena’s Story

I had always struggled with my weight and felt I was fighting an ongoing battle with my self as I was growing up.  These feelings lead me to develop an unhealthy relationship with food and obsess about what I was eating. I thought if I ate my favorite chocolate bar I would immediately put weight
NOPE! Eating carbohydrate rich foods won’t make you put on weight – eating too many calories (AKA food) over all will! Think of a high carb food… What springs to mind? White bread. Pasta. Rice. Crisps. Potatoes. Cake. Biscuits. Sugar. Sweets. Donuts. Ok, so the obvious high carb choices might be appear less healthy but
Managing your nutrition during Ramadan We have a number of members at the gym who are currently fasting for Ramadan (A month long period where no food or drink (including water) is consumed between dawn and sunset) The fasting process can put a huge strain on the body and it can make training and balancing
  If you think you’re eating healthily but aren’t seeing the results that you want – these could be some of the reasons why… 🍽 If you eat the same size portions as your partner. We’re all different shapes and sizes with different goals and we all need different amounts of food. It’s also a

How to make a BBQ healthier!

Summer is on the way and so is bbq season.  It can be easy to over indulge but if you’re watching what you eat, with some simple tips BBQing can be a really healthy way to cook food. 🥩 Choose lean protein rich foods such as chicken, steak, fish or prawns and limit the burgers
“Carbs eaten at night are more likely to be stored as fat!” Nope, definitely not the case! Eating carbs at 10pm won’t cause them to suddenly convert to fat and stick to your stomach. It all comes down to how much you’ve eaten over the rest of the day. Carbs like any food contain calories.

How to do Pizza Express on a diet

You’re going out to lunch at Pizza Express this week, they’ve got a new menu and some pretty good deals but wait, you don’t want to undo all your hard work… The average 3 course meal at Pizza Express comes in at around 1800-2000+ calories. If you don’t want to blow an entire day’s worth of calories in
The BEST foods to eat for fat loss? We all get drawn in by these attention grabbing headlines on social media and magazine covers – the internet is full of them! See, the headline gets you curious, promising a magic cure, instant results, the answer you’ve been looking for, but unfortunately in reality there aren’t

Nicks Story

The reason I started RM Fitness was because I was feeling unhappy with the way I looked and felt. I was doing no exercise at all and eating rubbish everyday. It had got to the point that i knew something had to change , i needed to find somwhere that i could improve. From the

The Post Easter Diet

Everyone talks about diets again straight after Easter. The media jumps on it, magazines are covered with the latest nutrition hacks and diet plans and  the news tells us that we all need to get “beach body ready”. We ‘should’ all be drinking green juice and aloe vera gels, special teas, going vegan, cutting gluten.
How to handle Easter when you’re on a diet… 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫 Chocolate is around 365 days of the year – it’s not going anywhere after this weekend! It can still be really hard to stay committed to a diet over a long Bank holiday weekend (especially when there’s so much temptation around). If you don’t want

Shabana’s Story

Before I started at RM Fitness, I was working my way around all of the gyms in Manchester looking for somewhere that was the right place to train. I was seeking a gym where I could be educated around weight training and nutrition. A place where I could be pushed and a place that I