Beth’s Story

This is what Beth had to say …

Why RMF?

I didn’t join RMF because I needed to lose 5 stone or completely overhaul my body, for me it was much more subtle. I had a few ‘wobbly’ bits so in my head I just wanted to ‘tone up’ (whatever that meant at the time), no particular end goal.  It actually stemmed from feeling low and not having the confidence to wear a pair of shorts on holiday.  A simple thing, but something I ‘thought’ was my trigger. As it transpired, VERY quickly, I realised it wasn’t anything to do with this pair of denim shorts, nor was it about the perception of my ‘orange peel legs’, it was the bigger picture. (Thank god for those shorts as a trigger to take the first step… I never thought I’d be grateful for that feeling!)

From the initial discussion with the trainers, I realised that I wasn’t joining to change my body; I was joining to help my mind and refocus. I needed a boost to find my comfort again, to concentrate on something I was in complete control of. There were many external factors at that point that weren’t in my control and I wasn’t dealing well with that.

What makes RMF different? 

From the moment we started the 28 day programme the team were incredibly supportive. I’d always had commercial gym memberships, and like so many of us here I never went or I had stints. I hadn’t lifted weights before, and I absolutely hated the look of things like sleds and slam balls, who knew 18 months on they’d be my favourites!

The sessions are varied and you have a set structure to progression and goals. The RMF team are epic, the trainers have become like our family and are always helping us stay focused. As long term members we all go through ups and down in terms of our passion for training but there’s always someone asking how you’re getting on if you take a step back occasionally. The support is incredible and it gets you fired up again.

For me RMF is a massive family, the sessions are great on their own but what makes RMF is the team and undoubtedly the members. Team RMF always says ‘surround yourself with people on the same mission’, that is SO true.

Sept 16 to Now

Considering I didn’t join to lose weight, naturally with ‘toning up’ comes weight loss, I’m lighter, but more importantly my shape has completely changed. It was up and down at first between weighloss and inch loss.  I didn’t expect to see such a shift but it’s been great. I was always told the ‘orange peel’ would never go but that’s not the case, it most certainly can reduce.  I’ve lost a few inches here and there and the bingo wings are finally going! Progression has been slower because part of this was a lifestyle choice I didn’t want a quick fix, I maintain my social life and love of restaurants (and gin) whilst training and just making better choices where I can.

For me the most valuable change has been that I feel a million times more comfortable in my own skin, not because of the physical changes but one thing RMF has taught me is to appreciate what you have. I’ve learnt I can’t have the legs of the girls I see on Instagram, I’m not built that way, and actually that’s great, because that isn’t me. I have my own shape, my own strength and my own flaws and that’s the best thing to come out of this process. You learn to trust your own body, follow how it feels and never judge yourself against others. You are in complete control of how you look and what you eat, a tricky lesson but one that ultimately becomes the most valuable as this then reflects on to all aspects of your life.

It goes without saying RMF has changed my life. Finding strength of mind through training became like escapism and with that came strength transferable to all aspects of my life. RMF and a health/ lifestyle shift gave me that focus to make changes in other areas of my life too.

For that 1 hour you don’t think about other things, you switch off. (Something we all need from time to time.)  With the support of the RMF team and its members I’m in the best physical shape I ever have been BUT more important  than how you look, I FEEL better, sleep better, eat better, think better.

The community of ladies and gents at RMF is unreal and I’ve been so grateful to be part of that for the last 18 months. Some of the members have become true friends and I’d be lost without them now

Anyone that’s known me pre-RMF would have laughed if I’d have told them I was writing a blog about how much I love training and actually doing physical activity like Born Survivor. Safe to say pushing myself out of my safe zone was the best thing I ever did. Here’s too much more of that!

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