Anyone Can master the pull up ! Heres How …

1) Nail Your Technique : People have been doing it wrong this whole time !

Main mistakes people make…

  • Elbows in the wrong position: Next time your doing the pull up focus on forcing your elbows down and back, imagine that you are pulling your elbows towards your back pocket. When your elbows are too far in front of you , you aren’t
    engaging your upper back… Your upper back is what will give you the most pulling power !
  • Shoulders too far forward: Retracting your shoulder blades and keeping your shoulders pinned back will allow you to engage your upper back and engage the muscles that will allow you to pull your body weight up more efficiently.
  • Legs flying everywhere: When your legs are all over the place an you core is allowing your body to swing around, the pull is much harder to execute. To counter this, push your hips forward and squeeze your abs tight to avoid all the unnecessary wiggling.

2) Drop the LB’s : Decrease the resistance !

Simple Physics guys, Pulling a trailer up a hill filled with bricks is much harder than pulling up an empty trailer.

Imagine the difference between doing a pull up with a weighted vest compared to your current body weight… Much harder with the vest.

Ditch the extra fat and make it easier for yourself.

Now , I appreciate this isn’t as easy as correcting your technique , it doesn’t happen over night. But for most people losing weight and achieving your first pull up could be a combined goal that enhances one another as a by-product.

3) Practice with variation and accessory work: Build strength !

To get stronger on the pull up you need to practice them aswell as practice accesery movements that will enhance your pull up. The exercises below will help.

Body rows: The most basic accessory exercise to the pull up.

  • Set the bar on the rack around waist height
  • The higher the bar , the easier (the more you are stood up, the easier, the more horizontal you are , the more difficult)
  • Grip the bar just outside shoulder width and let yourself hang underneath the bar.
  • Pull your chest towards the bar. Retract your shoulder blades as you perform the movement.
  • Pause at the top of the motion, and return yourself to the start position slowly with control.

Band assisted Pull ups: A variation that assists the taction of a pull up  

  • Hook the band around the center of the pullup bar. You can use different bands to provide varying levels of assistance generally the thicker the band , the more assistance it will give.
  • Pull the end of the band down, and place one bent knee into the loop, ensuring it won’t slip out.
  • Grip the bar and let your weight hang off the bar.
  • Pull yourself upward using the same technique as a true pull up.
  • After a brief pause when your chin is above the bar, return to the starting position.

Slow eccentrics: The negative part of the movement

  • Stand on the Floor or on a box and grip the bar.
  • Use your legs to jump into the top position of the pull-up, so your chin is over the bar. … hold this position for 1-3 seconds
  • From there, slowly lower your body down to a dead hang with as much as control as possible. 3-5 seconds


Apply some of the actions above and be on your way to your first Pull UP ! 


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