3 Exercises To Help Master Your Deadlift

Conventional Deadlift Fundamentals 

1.Your feet should be spaced hip-width apart and your toes pointing straight ahead or slightly outward. Your shoe laces should sit directly under the bar.

2. With knees slightly bent and hands gripping the bar slightly outside of legs, hinge forward from hips to  form the start position.

3. With the bar close to shins, keep head up, eyes looking forward, chest out, and back flat.

4. The start position should have the shoulders above the hips and the hips above the knees

5. Keeping the bar close to the body, breathe out as you begin to straighten the legs ,drive through the heels, not the toes and bring the weight up past knees.

6.Keep abs tight throughout the entire movement (this helps protect from back injury)

7. Once the bar is past the knees and the arms are straight, gently rest it against your thighs and maintain a straight back, without rolling shoulders back.

8. Finish by thrusting the hips forward into alignment with the feet and squeezing your glutes.

9. Maintaining a straight back, slowly hinge forward at the hips (allow knees to bend a little at the same time) and lower the bar back to the ground. That’s a single rep.

10. Repeat the process for set amount of reps.

Body weight hip hinge

  • Use a straight bar / broom stick
  • 3 points of contact: head , in-between shoulder, and lower back (tailbone area)
  • Soft knees (slight bend)
  • Push hips as far back as possible
  • Maintain the three points of contact

This exercise will help build basic safe technique.

Rack Pull

This is great for those with mobility issues that limit their range of motion and is also great for beginner form.

  • Set barbell up on a rack at knee height or just above.
  • keep knees soft
  • push hips as far back as require to grip the bar with straight arms
  • Grip the bar
  • Extend the hips (push forward)
  • Squeeze gluteus at the top
  • Push hips back
  • Rest bar on the rack

KB Deadlift

  • This exercise is great for building technique before progressing onto a barbell.
  • Position the KB inbetween the feet
  • Approach using the same fundamentals as a conventional deadlift
  • Keep arms inside the legs
  • Execute the fundamentals of a conventional deadlift

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