10 Easy Ways To Save 1000 Calories

10 Easy Ways To Save 1000 Calories

1. Swap 1 tbsp olive oil in your cooking for 10 sprays of spray oil = 109 kcals saved.

2. Swap the not so Skinny Latte for an Americano with some skimmed milk = 114 kcals saved.

3. Use unsweetened almond milk in your porridge instead of semi-skimmed = 50 kcals saved.

4. Cut 1 tsp of sugar from your tea or coffee or switch to sweetener = 15 kcals saved per cup.

5. If you don’t want to skip the booze switch that glass of red wine for a gin and slim = 100 kcals saved.

6. Reduce your usual portion of porridge by 10g = 38 kcals saved.

7. Swap rice for cauliflower rice = 130 kcals saved.

8. Opt for 5% fat lean mince = 150 kcals saved

9. Swap Spaghetti pasta for courgetti = 160 kcals saved.

10. Pass on 1 chocolate Hob Nob = 90 calories saved.

It could be small changes like this that help you create a calorie deficit over the course of a week.

Creating a deficit of just 1000 calories over a week/ 4000 calories a month could lead to losing an extra 1lb a month. Even better when it’s with just a few simple changes!

Look at where you could make small wins and try tracking your calories. It doesn’t have to all be about drastic diet.  👍🙂

Let us know what swaps you’ve made.
Coach Kate

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