Transform Your Body with These 3 SIMPLE Tips You can Do TODAY

So you want to get after it in 2016?
* You want to drop some Body Fat?
* You want to Get Stronger?
* You want unstoppable energy?
* You want some Athletic Muscle Mass?Read on for 3 Simple, quick things you can do TODAY…



At RM Fitness, as coaching staff, we all buy into the saying ‘Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day”

This quote equally applies to the ‘Couch Potato’ thats finally had enough of being sick, slow, lethargic, fat and lazy

As it also applies to the intermediate client who has hit a 140kg deadlift after 8-12 months training with us

What do these two guys have in common?

They BOTH want to progress further and are unhappy with their current position

Patience and Consistency are NEEDED to get to the Promised Land

if you are that guy that stuck in a rut

Maybe you’ve gotten into lazy habits; coming home from a stressful day at work, eating processed and junk food, having a couple beers and watching TV all night

These habits, although damaging, are very COMMON and very EASY to slip into

Never underestimate the power of momentum

You make one simple change today and you are motivated to make changes tomorrow then the day after

The best way to explain it is by imaging building a tall building (which is your body) you would have to build the foundation first

That starts with planning, then digging, then putting in a base, then pouring in concrete…and so on

Look at the pyramid below,  you have to start with he base then build on it


That all being said,

I wanted to give you 3 Actionable, Simple Steps you could start today to start to build momentum

1 – Just get up and start MOVING

Often we want to do something in life, like getting in better shape.

and the ONLY thing stopping us is…

well its US!

We overthink what training plan to use, we speak to the ‘guy at work who’s in good shape’ we google exercise plans, we watch stuff on Face Book and You Tube

But we do jack shyt about it!

We are just collecting information


So just get out your own way..

Few ways to get moving:

* Each morning do 10 reps of a body weight exercise (like burpees or press ups or body weight squats) each morning for a week then add 2 reps on the following week, 2 more the week after and so on

* If you are currently fitter, then a 10-20 min body weight circuit where you do 30-60 seconds on each exercise works well

* Get out in the fresh air and walk for 10, 20 or 30 mins

* If you are currently fitter then go for a jog or some hill sprints

if you want help with what to do get in touch – we will help you

2 – Drink 2 Litres of Water Each Day

My goal is to give you simple, quick actionable tips – so I wont bore you to death with science here

But just going from being DEHYDRATED to HYDRATED will give you very powerful, quick benefits

* Mental Clarity
* Motivation
* Fat Burning
* Muscle Building
* A Ton of Health Benefits
* Improved skin (and therefore feel good factor and confidence)
* Increased work capacity in all areas of life

The list goes on and on

I did a 2 min video on a very practical tip on how to get more water in:

​Just do it!

3 – Guard The Gates To Your Mind
This one is HUGEWhat information is going into your brain?– Are you talking shyt all day and discussing what OTHER people are doing? (good or bad)- Are you watching trash TV with people arguing and being negative all night?

– Are you on Social Media looking at other people’s lives 24/7??

Did you know your mentality becomes the AVERAGE OF THE 5 PEOPLE YOU SPEND THE MOST TIME WITH??

Now I’m not saying fire off all your family and close friends just cos they might be holding you back

But ask yourself; who can you be around more that influences you in a positive way??

One of the main benefits I feel helps the guys we work with move forward, is just being around other people on the same mission as them…likeminded, driven people

Its Rubs off on you – its contagious

It motivates you to do more, be more and then give back more


I’m also a huge fan of listening to podcasts of successful and motivating peopleAnyways thats our 3 Simple Tips you can use TODAY to start to build that momentum in 2016

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