Training – I’m Stuck!?

So as humans capable of ‘thinking’ we can spend too long ‘thinking’ and not taking action!

This results in us being ‘stuck’ at a certain level – this could be stuck because you are waiting to get started, or stuck because you cant achieve the next level with your training…

Whenever you are stuck; the ONLY way to move forward is to take ACTION.

1 step forward at a time.

Do no worry about the long term – all you have is THIS day right now right here.

What can you do to make BETTER training choices than YESTERDAY?

These then stack up over THIS week to make it a BETTER (not perfect) week than LAST week.

The logic centre in our brains LOVES to gather data, compare reasons for and against, plan, discuss and basically do ANYTHING to put off (procrastination) getting stuck in.

In this short video we talk about:

* Why when you are OVERWHELMED you do not do s**t

* We give you a home workout template you can snatch and make your own

* Can be adapted for Fat Loss & Muscle Building and will also build Mental Toughness

* We talk about why it can be GOOD to time workouts (sometimes)

* Why PERFECTION is our enemy

* ONE key physiological FACT you can not deny or avoid if you want results

Enjoy & take action,

Russ & Team RMF


p.s If you want a Home Workout, Nutrition AND Mindset Tutorial for FREE…

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