How to STOP Weight Loss Being Boring


​Yes because we realise you are ‘everyday’ people who read these blogs…You have the day-to-day pressures, strains and stresses of life

Kids, career, personal issues to work through


Lets face it, weight loss can be boring at times if your not careful how you approach it

So we like to show you how to Stop Weight Loss being boring

Noting worse than jogging on a treadmill, eating steamed broccoli and chicken 24/7,

never been ‘allowed’ a few beers

So we did a short video

We shot it on bonfire night actually.

If you listen carefully you might be able to hear the fireworks in the distance

We also talk about:

– The importance of your environment

– Your teammates

– What it means to actually take Personal Responsibility

Its one of those Video Blog types where I speak like a mad man at the camera

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