RMF Fundamentals Programme

Best way possible for you to learn all the basics needed

  • 14 Days to building a solid base so you can go and hit your goals of forging an impressive & powerful physique
  • Increase your personal power to take control & dominate life
  • Supercharge your energy levels & light up your relationships
  • Learn the key exercises needed to get strong & lean
  • Drop 5-7 Lbs of Body Fat

Here is WHAT you get with your 14 Day Fundamentals Programme:

First of all lets be realistic, you are NOT going to transform your body in 14 days. But you WILL:

  • Have massively increased you energy
  • Enjoy better and fuller sleep
  • Have increased confidence and self - esteem (nothing builds these more than actually taking action in DOING something towards your goals)
  • You will ‘wake up’ muscles that have been sleeping for a while & start the muscle building process
  • You’ll drop fat (If you have it to lose you may drop 5-7lbs)
  • You’ll be educated in ‘what it takes’ to achieve the type of results you want

Here is WHAT you get it

Six of our Customised Group Training sessions over the 14 days, lead by one of our transformation coaches…So you know you are investing your limited and valuable time into what is safe, effective and of course, what works.

Our Phase 1 Nutrition Formula…this will ensure that when combined with the training sessions you are building muscle and burning fat round the clock whilst rocketing your personal energy levels which will transfer into performance at work, enhanced relationships & connections with those you care about.
Higher personal energy means no more feeling tired and burned out and you will find a better balance between yourself, those you care about and your career

Measure Your Body Composition (Fat %, Measurements, Weight) so we can get an exact picture of where you are right now and provide you with an accurate timescale of how long it will take you to achieve your goals.

One Personal One-to-One goal setting session.Getting in the kind of shape you want to be in requires clarity. We will help you get clear on that end goal, what it looks like for you, what it will feel like…then we reverse engineer the process so every single day you know what the little steps are to achieve that bigger end goal.
You will then feel inspired and motivated - you will become on fire and unstoppable.

Our Phase 1 Mindset Coaching Programme - making sure your head is engaged and focussed on your mission is critical to see results.

Access to a group of likeminded people - A huge issue guys have (before they work with us) is being surrounded with mediocrity and negativity, and even having people around them that don't want to see them succeed; when it comes to training and up levelling their bodies.
We need to be associated with others on the same mission if we are to up level our physiques.Your environment is everything.

Guaranteed success - you will see & feel results over this 14 Day Fundamentals Programme:
Fat Loss
Tighter muscles
Fitter, sharper, faster
Supercharged personal energy
Increased confidence & Self Esteem
Lower stress
Better sleep

But like we've said before, its the impact this then has on the rest of your life:

You’ll be starting a process that will see you:

  • Dominating life
  • Performing better at work
  • Enjoying a feeling of fulfilment and sense of achievement
  • Relationships will be on fire
  • Fired up with confidence and ‘spring in your step’
  • Being the leader and role model you should be
  • Finding better balance because your ‘head is in the right place’

This programme finds the sweet spot and middle group between giving you tangible results with your body & the way you feel but whilst also educating you on how to get the full result you want which will take longer than 14 days.

You also will have experienced how we do things at RM Fitness without committing beyond a 14 day period. Everything from the environment, the members, coaches, the way we slot together Training with Nutrition and Mindset makes us very unique.

Part way into the 14 days we can have a conversation about continuing your good work with one of our other programmes that will take you fully to your goal.

200% Double Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident with our 14 Day Fundamentals Programme that if you don’t achieve some of the results mentioned and you aren't completely satisfied we will not only give you DOUBLE your money back - but also give you a free month on our group training programme.

So what have you got to lose?

If your ready to take action today click the button below to book your 14 Day Fundamentals Programme.