Highlight Reel of Some of Our Clients Who’ve Grasped the Consistency Principle…


Sarah Cathie – Mother of 6!

#1 Weight loss over 2 and a half stone!

#2 Improved Fitness completing several 10km runs with a PB of 46:08!

#3 Key Strength Stats

Deadlift 5RM 90kg
Squat 5RM 80kg
Bench Press 45kg

“I have completed my first 10k Wigan run and Southport 10k with a time of 50:33, which I would never envisage my self doing prior, Ive now hit a 10km PB clocking 46:08! This gave me the confidence to sign up to the Liverpool half marathon!”


Mark Winnard – 48 Year Old Business Owner

#1 Loss of over 6 stone!

#2 Jeans Size from 44″ to 34″ waist!

#3 Key Strength Increases:

Deadlift 5RM – 130kg to 180kg
Squat 5RM – 100kg to 150kg
Bench 1RM – 100kg – 140kg

“I was tired and sick all the time. Sick of vedging out watching trash TV and eating chocolate bars all night.

18 months down the line I’m 6 stone down, strong as an ox and in the best shape of my life.”

Liz Gregory – 46 Years Old ICU Nurse

#1 10st 11 to 9st 7lbs (lightest since having 1st child over 20 years ago!)

#2 Now a size 10!

#3 Key Strength Improvements

Deadlift 5RM – Never Lifted to 72.5kg
Squat 5RM – Never Lifted to 55kg
Bench Press 5RM – Never Lifted to 35kg

“I have made steady progress every week & am really happy with the results.

The feeling of slipping into a size 10 was ace.”



Stuart Howarth – 47 Year Old Business Owner

#1 Over 4 Stone Weight Loss!

#2 Jean size from 44″ to 36″!

#3 Key Strength Stats:

Deadlift 5RM 130kg to 170kg
Squat 5RM 100kg to 150kg

“The January before I started at RMFitness, I was on holiday and I had been refused to do a tandem parachute jump because I was too heavy and this cheesed me off….”

(Check the pic, even did it in his RM Top!)

Dane Andrade – 26 Year Old Chef 

#1 Strength Increases

Deadlift 5RM 120kg – 150kg
Squat 5RM 100kg – 130kg
Bench Press 5RM 65kg – 80kg

#2 Improved energy and fitness levels

#3 Bodyfat to 7% (maintains at 13%)

“Nothing can guarantee fast-and-easy results but at the end of the day, it boils down to your choices and how you focus on your commitments, but if you are committed they will get you wherever you want to be!”



Andy Platt – 46 Year Old Business Owner

#1 Awesome fitness & lifestyle balance

#2 Over 2 and a half stone weight loss

#3 Strength Increases

Deadlift 5RM 100kg – 120kg
Squat 5RM 105kg
Bench Press 72.5kg

Scott Green – 39 Years Old

#1 Improved Self Confidence

#2 Increased lean muscle mass

#3 Strength Stats

Deadlift 5RM 150kg
Squat 5RM 120kg
Bench Press 5RM 85kg

“Before starting at RM Fitness I wasn’t happy with my weight I realised I was the wrong side of 35 and I really wanted to get in shape. I now feel much healthier, Ive loads more energy and I’ve got so much more confidence, and for the first time in my life I actually like the way I look.” 



Leanne Carrington – 31 Years Old

#1 Loss of over 4 stone!

#2 Out of the Yo Yo dieting mindset!

#3 Strength Stats

Deadlift 5RM 90kg
Squat 5RM 80kg
Bench Press 5RM 40kg

“I have listened to the advice, asked questions and changed my attitude towards my diet and training. Luckily for me the weight loss every week is all part and parcel of it. I have still some way to go to get to where I want to be but not stressing about the numbers has helped me really enjoy my training, I am more excited now at improvements in my strength and fitness than I am at the scales.”

Darren Tabener – 39 Years Old

#1 Increased lean muscle mass
#2 New education around nutrition and training#3 Key Strength Stats

Deadlift 5RM 130kg
Squat 5RM 100kg
Bench Press 5RM 85kg

“For me it wasn’t about weight loss, Ive learnt so much about what it takes to build an athletic physique.

Patients, hard work and consistency above all!”



Anthony De Roma – 65 Year Old…Ice Cream Maker!!!

#1 Weight loss of over 2 and a half stone!

#2 Over all health improvements

#3 Strength Stats

Deadlift 5RM 140kg
Bench Press 5RM 60kg

Mr De Rome is a huge inspiration for others and top guy to have about the gym and a great example that age is only a number! AND he makes awesome Ice Cream!!!

Lindsey Clarke – 

#1 Weight Loss 3 and a half stone!

#2 Improved health (see Lindsey’s Case Study)

#3 Strength Stats

Deadlift 5RM 70kg
Bench Press 5RM 37.5kg
Squat 5RM 50kg

“I’m 3 and a half stone lighter, a hell of a lot fitter, healthier and a million times happier. I’ve managed to maintain my weight loss.”


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