How Not To be The Weakest Guy In The Gym

We want to teach you how to get stronger.

Get Stronger

Picture this – It’s 6pm on a Monday evening and you are walking into the free weights area in your local gym.

All the benches are taken with some younger care free guys doing the Latest ‘Muscle & Fitness’ CHEST & BICEPS Routine

They are having a laugh, but the banter is p*ssing you off

You are frustrated because you aren’t in he shape you want to be in and

Your confidence is now significantly lower than where you want it to be…

OK well here is 5 ways to get STRONGER:

1 – Focus on COMPOUND Movements to get stronger

Compound Movements use multiple muscle groups.

They build the most muscle and you get stronger…quicker.

Great examples are the Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press, Overhead Press, Chin Ups and Rows.

RM Fitness Male Strength

(Pic above features a couple of our guys; on the left is the Bent Over Row and Right is Incline DB Chest Press)

You should build your routine AROUND those movements.

Don’t make the mistake of wasting all your time on ‘isolation’ exercises, such as single arm preacher curls or stomach crunches.

These isolation exercises can have their place in a solid results driven routine, but for the beginner & intermediate lifters, leave towards the end of the session as the ‘icing on the cake’

Watch this video for examples of COMPOUND v’s ISOLATION exercises

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2 – Eat More!

To get stronger and build muscle mass you need to eat!  All the guys we work with are initially surprised with the volume of food we get them on…this doesn’t mean loads of eating junk food though.

But if your daily calorie consumption is the same as a hyperactive hamster on a diet then you you might as well forget lifting and take up something like Zumba.

2 Super Simple Power Nutrition steps:

a) Get your calories right:

MEN: Your Body Weight in KG x 35 = your daily calorie intake target

(so 80kg guy x 35 = 2,800 cals per day*)

LADIES: See below…

* Note here – this is just start point – you have adjust up or down after 2-4 weeks dependent on progression

Also note that best practice recommended calorie intake’s can vary from person to person dependent on multiple factors such as gender, age, activity level.

To get an EXACT start point we recommend using The Harris Benedict Equation.

b) Calculate your protein target

Which is 2g per KG of bodyweight – this is a good start point.

(so our 80kg dude should be taking on 160g of Protein per day)

 You can get an app (see pic below) called ‘My Fitness Pal’ which can help you track your Calories & Macronutrients.

My Fitness Pal Image

Remember most dudes have some fat they want to drop as well as getting stronger and putting some muscle on…the best way to drop fat is to build muscle mass

Muscle Mass is what us Strength Nerds call ‘Metabolically Active” i.e. it increases how many calories we burn at rest, play, work, and whilst working out too.

Here is a video we did on Eating To Get Stronger:

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3 – Know your ‘WHY’

This is HUGE.  To get stronger you have to overcome resistance.

Resistance can be when it’s Monday night and the missus is nagging you to get home straight from work and not go the gym or it can be your mates getting you to go for a pint after work and skip the gym.

Resistance can be confidence related too – like you don’t want to go over into the weights room and ask the big gorilla of a man if he’s finished with that set of Dumb Bells.

It can also be the sheer weigh resistance of working out with weights…we need to continually be getting stronger to get strong (sounds kind of obvious when you say it like that doesn’t it!)

but you need to be mentally focussed to be strong.

Now when you don’t know WHY you are doing something then other things (like those listed above) can get in the way.

But it’s YOU LETTING them get in the way.

So figure out WHY you want to get the results you want.

I mean DEEP DOWN why.

WHY does it Really matter to you?

Is it to feel more significant and secure – to have a presence? Confidence? To be a better provider? To go out and earn more $$$?

What ever it is YOU NEED TO FIND IT and OWN it.

Video on the POWER OF YOUR WHY:

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4 – Ditch (ALL?) that Cardio

I get it…its heaving in the free weights area and you had it in your head you’d do some bench press and maybe deadlifts but instead you find yourself on the cardio kit.

Or you are addicted to the ‘runners high’ after a cardio session.

Look, cardio gets a bad rap amongst lifters – I don’t subscribe to the mentality that you shouldn’t do any at all…

BUT…To get stronger and build muscle mass you need to focus more on strength training…A LOT more!

The reason being is:

a) We all have limited time and energy for the gym – doing too much cardio detracts away from the time and effort you can put into your strength work

b) If you do cardio at the expense of strength training then it BURNS muscle tissue (especially if you don’t get your calories and nutrition sorted (see #2 above)

Best bet is to stick to 10 mins of interval training as a ‘finisher’ at the and of your weights

Video on CARDIO here

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5 – Have a Plan


If your goal is to get stronger and build muscle mass…you should have your nutrition mapped out and you should be following a workout plan.

Otherwise you just drift from meal to meal, never REALLY knowing how much or little you should be eating and you can’t adjust your food if your results aren’t coming as quick as you’d like.

Gym wise, its the same – you just drift round the gym, only doing what you fancy, avoiding the s**t that will get actually get you strong and lean because maybe you don’t like what you have to do (Deddums does likkle Jonny want his bokky?)

You can’t make adjustments if you don’t have a record of what you’ve lifted either.

So put together a nutrition plan and a training plan and follow it.

Don’t be frightened to ask the help of a coach on this too if you don’t have the knowledge to put this all together so you can get stronger and increase your muscle mass.

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There you go,

string those 5 steps together add a little bit of consistency, and you will be far from the weakest guy in your gym in no time.

Gainz City 🙂

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