Before you can get in the shape you really want to be in as a Female, we need to address several misconceptions about Female Fat Loss:

These are essentially 9 ‘Stories’ that lots of women believe to be true.

The sad thing, these ‘stories’ keep women stuck and frustrated with the way they look and feel.

Its a something we see a lot before ladies come to us, they either cant get Fat Loss started or they have short term success with a programme, fad or diet, only to gain the weight back (plus some interest usually).

The 9 Female Fat Loss Stories:

  1. Weight Training will make me ‘Big and Bulky’
  2. I have to give up ALL the Foods & Drinks you LOVE
  3. WEIGHT loss and FAT loss are the same thing
  4. I have to keep my calories really low & Starve myself to drop fat
  5. Cardio/ Fitness Training is better than Lifting Weights
  6. Carbs will make me fat
  7. I need lots of supplements
  8. Fad/ Weight Loss diets actually work as a long term fix
  9. Weighing myself on scales is the best way to monitor results

We did a 3 part video series to answer these 9 Stories and Misconceptions:

I joined RMF in July 2015. Before that I'd avoided exercise, sat down all day and had just got back from a holiday where I zero confidence in a bikini.

I wanted to get fitter and feel better about myself, had heard good things about weight training but also was worried that it would be all macho, I wouldn't be able to lift anything or that I'd actually bulk up instead of slimming down.

Turning up on the first day was daunting but everyone was really friendly, the coaches put me at ease explaining everything and the first few sessions flew by. The classes were challenging but aimed at all abilities involving a mix of cardio and weights and I could notice myself getting fitter and stronger as the weeks passed. The structure and social side of the classes actually made exercise feel fun. The scales didn't change much to start with but I did lose several inches from my hips and waist and a dress size so I knew it was working. As I went on I found I had more energy during the day and slept much better at night. Lifting heavy weights has been one of the best stress relievers that I've come across and knowing I can lift 100kg makes me feel mentally tougher too. I've loved the journey so far and guess what? - I didn't bulk up either!

Katie Philpott 

A coches perspective…
So.. We made a start...
15st 2lbs and 47% Body Fat...To her credit Vic got stuck straight in...

She made some changes to her diet along with the basic exercise and slowly but surely the weight, inches and body fat started to come down and her confidence grew.

Although she won't mind me saying... that training in her words "breaks her heart" and it still does...

Thats right it not all roses... she doesn't really enjoy it that much, she'd rather not do it sometimes... but the truth is she understands that to be where she wants to be requires hard graft and taking yourself out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes its not what you want to do when you have had a stressful day a work and its 'one of those days'...

Or you slipped up on the weekend with your food... guess what it happens!!! Don't stress draw a line under it and move forward..

Fast forward 12 weeks Vic is around the 13st mark... 2 stone down FANTASTIC! Its not drastic, its realistic and it sustainable and its not been plain sailing but it all going in the right direction... remember 1-2lbs a week is great progress...

Yes, you may lose more in the first week 'detox' or 'elimination phase' or last time you tried a crazy 600cal a day diet...

But the fact of the matter is that the quick fix doesn't exist...

This is the tough bit... explaining that you can't always progress in a linear fashion... theres going to be weeks when you put on a pound or two or you feel like you have been treading water for a while... IT HAPPENS... a few old habits have crept back in you had a weekend away or holiday and you have lost your MOJO!

When ever Vic went on holiday or out for a meal we would use the phrase...

You need to keep pleasure in your life and in your food it's about making sensible choices its boring but its true!

Again credit to Vic... these can be the stages when you ask yourself whats the point it was flying off me before... am I still enjoying it?... what excuse can I use for a way out?

But this didn't happen she kept her head down and focused on her long term goal...This isn't to say that short term goals are a bad thing... she started on a challenge and this is cool its a great way to kickstart your journey... but you have to keep in the back of your mind that its either your start point or its a part of your journey where you are being a little more strict...


About a year ago today I was feeling stuck, not sure what to do with my life (sounds extreme I know). I was settling in to my career, I had the house, car and had been on a big adventure half way around the world. Don't get me wrong I know some people might say I'm lucky to be in that position at that age. Just something wasn't right, I needed to challenge myself and push myself out of my comfort zone.

After much thought I decided I wanted to concentrate on fitness, although I knew going to a commercial gym wasn't going to work for me, I had no idea about what to do. That's when I found RM Fitness.

I nervously started my first session and remember leaving thinking this is going to be tough and I was right. The next few weeks were really hard, having never touched weights before, there I was learning about deadlifts and how to do a bench press.

A year on and my figure has changed dramatically (I actually have ab muscles), I'm stronger and fitter than I've ever been and I'm still pushing myself. I still find it tough but I stuck at it, after all it was a decision to change my lifestyle and not a one off. I'm still learning and I know I don't always make the right decisions about food and fitness but I know now not to beat myself up, I'm not doing this for a short term fix and I still want to enjoy life's little luxuries.

A lot has changed over the past year and some of that I believe is down to that one day where I made that choice to change. I'm still looking for ways to challenge myself and do new things, that I know will never change!
(Sorry but not sorry for the long status but I actually feel really proud of myself


A couple of months after having my second baby I decided I needed to get fit and lose weight I hadn't done any proper exercise for probably 10 years.

I looked around for ideas to get me started. My husband suggested RM Fitness after playing rugby with Russ in the past and following the updates on Face Book and I nervously signed up.

When I went to my first session I was worried that because I was so unfit I thought would fail straight away. I thought there would be cliques and superfit skinny people which would make me feel self conscious. It wasn't like that at all, the main thing for me was that no one was concerned about what I was doing. No one was judging me how much I could lift or whether I was keeping up. Everyone is there for their own reasons and my worry of being judged was in my own head.

The first week or two weeks were tough! But after each session I felt great emotionally.

I loved doing the weights and found them rewarding in that you can measure your progress. I had never done anything like this before and was pleased I could do it.

After my first month I had lost 10lbs which spurred me on and by 6 months I had dropped from a size 16-18 to a comfortable 14.I know I'm not skinny by any means but I started to feel more confident. Before I did this I would not have said that I lacked confidence but it was not until I started making progress in terms of my fitness and weight loss that I realised how little I thought about myself. I suddenly didn't mind seeing myself in the mirror or having my photo taken. I enjoyed going clothes shopping and felt comfortable when I was out with my friends and not that I was the fat friend.

It not just the weight loss that has been noticeable. My fitness and mobility has changed things for me too. Things as simple as when I'm in the park with the kids I can run around with them for as long as they want me to whereas before I would have been blowing out of my arse, or when I'm holding the baby and need to squat down to pick something up I can do it without toppling over and the baby clinging on for dear life! It feels amazing.

Now when I'm at the RM gym sessions I can see my progress. I can keep up with the girls who I saw on my first day and thought I would never be on a par with. When I started I had no hope of doing a lunge or press up. No I can do full press ups, not even girly ones on your knees!

But I still hate burpees!!"


As a self-confessed couch potato I’ve never really enjoyed exercise. However I do love the great outdoors and during an active holiday hiking and rafting in Canada, it was embarrassing how unfit I was compared to our travel mates. Seeing the holiday snaps afterwards really drove it home, the pictures made me realise how much bigger than my younger self I had gotten over the years. The resolution was made – I had to get fitter and healthier.

Joining a gym was a very scary prospect. I was worried I was too out of shape to join, being shouted at and pushed to limits I couldn’t achieve. But how wrong I was! The RMF team and other members are so welcoming and everyone is there to start at their own level and improve from there. Yes you do get pushed, but to do the best that you can do.

You start of being taught the right techniques and postures, plus nutritional insights which provides you with really good base to work on. I love the combination of weight and high intensity cardio training, the workouts are challenging but always varied and fun. If you can’t do something straight away, not a problem - the team will show you variations so you can build up to the full exercise. If I’d gone to a regular gym I would have given up a long time ago, but the coaches’ and other member’s motivation and enthusiasm are a real driving force.

In the first 6 months of joining RMF I lost over 2 stone which was an amazing result. Weight loss was my main goal so dropping two dress sizes felt great, but what has really made it worthwhile is generally feeling healthier, more energetic and gaining the self-believe that you can do what you put your mind to. If I had to pick a couple of highlights it would probably achieving my first 100kg deadlift and completing the 10km Born Survivor obstacle run as part of the RMF Team! If someone had told me a year ago that I’d be able to do those things I would have said they were crazy.




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