Failure – Expect it, Plan for it and Welcome it… Plus my Ramblings on The Success Mindset and Producing Results Under Pressure

Watch this 10 min Video Blog where I talk about FAILURE and  reveal my “success mindset”

In this 10-minute video I will give vital tips too those on
a journey of improvement weather it be losing weight or running a fitness business.


I talk about:

– How I schedule my ‘non negotiable’ family time

– How for the last 10 years I get up early to get so much done

– Why the traditional “no excuses” mantras are a load of BS

– But I reveal my personal strategies of how not to let excuses hold you back form your hopes, dreams and ambitions

– Why the little known “Murphy’s Law” might hold the key to your success

(Murphy’s Law = Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong)

– How and why you should not only EXPECT failure in your journey, but WELCOME it too

– How engaging with your powerful inner purpose and “why” is vital for the drive you need to complete your mission of achieving goals in your life

– How I want to help as many people as possible, but point blank refuse to ‘water down’ my services

– My personal struggles with Sleep Deprivation

– Why I don’t train at 100% ALL the time (and more importantly, why I think you shouldn’t either)

– Finally, how I produce results under situations and circumstances that are non optimal – but still move forward to crush my goals

Feel free to leave a comment on your failures or strategies for success in the comments section.


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