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Enjoy Alcohol And Stay In Shape

Alcohol and being in shape don’t usually go together You are either on the wagon or off the wagon… Right? What if we told you how to enjoy alcohol and stay in shape. First of all we need to understand something You can’t be a complete P**S Head AND still be in great shape! What […]

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Mindset Tip Learned from the US Navy Seals (guys that killed Bin Laden)

This post is for ANYONE that has Failed on their quest to HIT their end goalBecause Either A) They got so overwhelmed by the size of the goal and the actions needed that they DIDNT even get started or B) Got started OK (maybe multiple times) but seems to be some ‘invisible force’ that is stopping […]

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Failure – Expect it, Plan for it and Welcome it… Plus my Ramblings on The Success Mindset and Producing Results Under Pressure

Watch this 10 min Video Blog where I talk about FAILURE and  reveal my “success mindset” In this 10-minute video I will give vital tips too those on a journey of improvement weather it be losing weight or running a fitness business.   I talk about: – How I schedule my ‘non negotiable’ family time – […]

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