Case Study #8 Andrew Magrath… “Im now 20 weeks in and I have lost 4 stone”

 Picture“The main reason I started, I will be honest, I started because of my kids.
I started out 20 weeks ago,
Unhappy, massively overweight, terrible diet, no structure, un-motivated, hardly any exercise…

and loads of excuses why!”

Andrew’s story so far…

“Hi, just a few words to explain my story.

I started out 20 weeks ago, 


Unhappy, massively overweight, terrible diet, no structure, un-motivated, hardly any exercise and loads of excuses why! 

I was considering doing something about it for around 2 months before i actually signed up.i did a little bit of digging to try and find a place that would suit me and my needs. 

I had seen a few of russ’s videos and was always impressed with his words of wisdom. So i booked myself in for a chat with gavin to see what RM was all about. 

My wife to be clair came along for moral support. 

I was a little apprehensive as you can imagine, little did i know how great the people and place would be. I was immediately set at ease with a lovely welcome from the team. 

I had a chat of around 30 minutes discussing needs, wants, goals, reasons etc. 

The main reason, I will be honest why I started was my kids. 

A couple of reasons for that was that I wanted my girls to be proud of how their dad looks, as I was 25 stone I’d imagine this wasnt the case. Also I was hoping the girls seeing my results and my routine it hopefully would rub off on them and maybe they could get into fitness. 

As I said I started at 25 stone and 59% body fat. 

Im now 20 weeks in and have lost 4 stone, 

8″ off my waist and I’ve dropped 20% body fat. 

This has been achieved by “tailoring ” my diet and hard work at the classes of which I do around 3-4 per week. 

I genuinely feel like a new man, physically and mentally! 

Im so much happier and so much fitter. When i started i couldn’t do a press up or a sit up , now i can do them at will.

I recently took part in a charity 50k rowing challenge which was epic, 12 months ago this would have been unimaginable! The only down ive had in 20 weeks is when i injured my shoulder during class doing something i shouldnt have been . i was devastated, i couldnt believe it , how was i going to train? 

I needn’t worry as i was immediately given the number of a physio and given several stretches and do’s and donts from the team. 

Luckily im just about, 3 weeks later getting full movement and stength back. My long term goal is to get down to a healthy weight that is sustainable, I havent got a figure in mind im hoping that i will just “feel” when im reaching the right weight. 

The only advice i can give to new starters is please give it a try, you wont regret it. 

Dont worry about whos looking at you , because believe you me , we are all to busy blowing out of our backsides and concentrating on what we are doing individually. 

This is the best thing I have ever done and im as fit now as i was when I was 25. 


Andrew Magrath


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