Case Study # 3 Liz Gregory…”The feeling of slipping into a size 10 was ace!”

“A bit about me – I am 46yrs old (with a personality twenty years younger)

I am a Critical Care Sister predominately working 12.5 hr night shifts in a busy Intensive Care Unit

I can work up to 7 nights in a row so my life is like a well oiled machine, juggling responsibilities &
keeping everyone organised.

Together with my husband I also look after my father in law who suffers from dementia & run “Hotel Gregory” aka Home for the grown up kids….oh nearly forgot I am the stable hand & groom for the horse.

As you can see I have very little time for ME!

In Sept 2014 I was struggling to get into my Levi’s, size 14 & there was no way I was buying a size bigger.

I have mild asthma & noticed I was getting wheezy walking up 4 flights of stairs.

I felt for the first time in my life stressed, I couldn’t keep up with my juggling plates & everyone else’s demands on me.

I was low in mood, over weight, knackered & thoroughly fed up.

On reflection I have spent the last 10yrs trying to lose weight, I have joined countless gyms & have tried every diet going twice over. Initially having good short term results, but then failing drastically.

I was introduced to RM Fitness by John (our son) who had joined 6 months previously, his results were noticeable; with a lot of encouragement from him, I decided to give it a go.

Having never done any strength training with free weights & needing to be protective of my back due to my job, I decided to embark on having a Personal Trainer. Also at my age I didn’t think I could realistically achieve my goal.

I was a bit shocked on meeting Sam because I thought I had been emailing a woman all week!

Having a PT was the best decision for me, I needed someone to show me the ropes & encourage me, I needed to believe in myself. With working full time nights for 20yrs & not eating or sleeping well my metabolism was non existent. I kept a food diary initially & found that I ate quite a healthy diet, but not enough to sustain what I was doing in a day. I was also only getting about 5hrs quality sleep. My metabolism was in “Starvation Mode” & my body was “Hibernating”, so that’s why I was never hungry & had little energy!”

“Sam helped me to understand what changes I needed to make with my diet & life style. He was a source of reference & explained things better than Google, he emailed me links, introduced me to protein shakes, vitamins & food.

Eat more, Sleep more…..relax & stay off “Facebook” at bedtime… yeah whatever!

I was gutted when I first got onto those scales & was measured…You get used to how you look. Wearing theatre scrubs hides a multitude of sins. Having it laid out bare, in front of someone else was another concept, the turning point for me.

During the PT sessions Sam demonstrated how to lift weights correctly & pushed me out of my comfort zone. You tend to give a bit more, go the extra mile & manage to force those last two reps out even though the burn is there. Over the months I have been able to lift heavier & do more reps & it helps knowing what to aim for when doing the Group Strength Sessions…The finisher is always a killer.

Every PT session is different. Sam is never grumpy, always supportive, gives loads of encouragement & it’s fun.

I have made steady progress every week & am really happy with the results. I’ve lost 1st 3lbs and 7 and a half inches so far, The feeling of slipping into a size 10 was ace. The biggest achievement though for me was the whole lifestyle change. As a family we are now all members of RM supporting & pushing each other but still enjoying a fun social life. I realise that if I stick to the plan, I can still have a break away, I may put on a few pounds but once home & back in the zone it disappears. I never believed that I would have a hunger but now I need feeding on a regular basis.

I am a naturally motivated enthusiastic person & I usually give a 100% when I put my mind to something, I’m like a dog with a bone ! If I don’t go to the gym, I miss it. It’s my time to destress my life & “The buzz” I get is immense.

I needed a PT to know what to do initially. Being measured & weighed each week keeps me focused, watching inches disappear is awesome & now it’s hard to give up…

For me It has definitely been a life changing experience, there’s no going back. I didn’t realise how far I’d come until I was asked to do this, yeah you stand in a mirror & your body has changed… But your inner self, your mind set changes so much more.

Thank you Sam Dimmick you are a Legend

You are only here once, be healthy, be strong & enjoy it !



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