Case Study # 2 Ian Roberts… Starting Point!

“Hi, I am Ian, at the start of 2015, whilst writing my goals for the coming year, I included some specific targets for my weight and measurements which I wanted to achieve by the end of April.

These goals had been on my list for at least the last 4 years, and I am yet to achieve them. This year I cut my goals right back made them more specific. Having followed Russ and RM Fitness for some years, I knew the results they were achieving with their clients and I also knew that if I was going to hit my targets I needed to get in touch.

Using RM Fitness would mean a commute of over 2 hours, as I live in Cheshire.

Before I went for my initial chat at RM Fitness I attended a gym on a pretty regular basis and was working out to what I thought was quite a good standard, yet I felt fat and overweight. I also felt lethargic daily and was punishing myself for not achieving results, my diet was average and It was genuinely getting me down.

Russ put me in touch with Gavin, I went to meet him one evening to discuss options for training and before I left to head home I signed up for 12 sessions.

Gavin related to how I was feeling,

He understood where I was at and told me that my goals were achievable.

Driving home I immediately felt positive and couldn’t wait to get started. Importantly Gavin expressed that it will be tough and I would have to work hard, but if I did that, and listened to his advice and support then I would hit my goals.

All that happened 3 weeks ago. Since then I have been given significant nutrition advice, a new gym workout and great tracking information to keep me on target. I have also had just 2 sessions with Gavin, one on one, which were structured, tough, but enjoyable.

I am also learning how to lift weights properly (what a difference that makes).

Gavin has also kept in touch, on a regular basis, to make sure I am doing OK and to ask if I need help with anything.

In 3 weeks I have lost weight, my measurements have gone down, I have more energy and feel happier and much more positive. In just 3 weeks….

In short, before you consider any personal trainer you need to make sure you want it bad enough and understand why you want to take those steps, don’t expect miracles if you aren’t prepared to put in the work.

If you understand that and are prepared to go through some pain to achieve amazing results then I would strongly suggest a personal trainer. I would then ONLY recommend RM Fitness, no matter where you live.

I can guarantee you that you will struggle to find a team which can offer as much support, knowledge and the environment you need to hit your goals.”

Ian Roberts



About the Author Russ

I specialise in taking busy guys from being out of shape to being in very good shape. Founder Director of RM Fitness and have been a professional coach for 14 years.

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