How To Build Self Confidence & Self Esteem

 PictureA HUGE insight I’ve had over the last few years is that both SELF CONFIDENCE and SELF ESTEEM have got to be FORGED in most of us

We are not all born with these qualities

Read on to lean our advice on how to FORGE your SELF CONFIDENCE AND SELF ESTEEM…

During this 4 min video I use a lesson I learned while failing a 20 foot rope climb to talk about:

 – Boredom and Discomfort when training and stopping short– How the human brain will always find a ‘Way Out’ when the going gets tough

– Why ‘Proving a Point’ to yourself is a GOOD thing

 – I give you an Actionable ‘3 Step Model’ to Build your Self Esteem and Self Confidence 

– The Second Step in this Model is ‘FAILURE’

– How to beat your Inner Demons

– Challenging yourself to get out your comfort zone DOESN’T have to be something HUGE like a parachute jump

– Why you need to get ‘Comfortable being Uncomfortable’

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