Watch this 10 min Video Blog where I talk about FAILURE and  reveal my “success mindset” In this 10-minute video I will give vital tips too those on a journey of improvement weather it be losing weight or running a fitness business.   I talk about: – How I schedule my ‘non negotiable’ family time –
‘Beasting’ oneself in every high intensity circuit class or bootcamp you can find is a popular method these days and not forgetting the ever present social media post following the session when crawling out of the gym dripping with sweat… what a feeling! I get it, honestly I do, its a pretty cool feeling knowing
[one_half_first][/one_half_first][one_half_last]“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. “ ‘Those words from Mark Twain, I must say, best describe of how I live my life now. I’m way too far from what or who I was physically and mentally. It started when I’d decided to start training at RM Fitness. Knowing that apart from work, I

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[one_half_first][/one_half_first][one_half_last]Dave Bailey joined RM Fitness in 2013 after getting increasingly frustrated by feeling ‘out of shape’ while climbing stairs at work. “I just felt knackered all the time, and needed to do something about it” Dave said.[/one_half_last] [one_half_first][/one_half_first][one_half_last]Dave saw immediate effects in energy levels and body shape. He actually lost 3 and 1/2 stone in his
“My name is Andrew Moore, I am 29 year old Semi Professional Rugby Player for Chester RUFC and I work in Finance in Liverpool. I live in in Chester, with my wife Helen and 8 month old daughter Holly. I decided to start on a PT program because I had let myself slide to such

Case Study # 4…Emma (Full Journey)

“My RMF journey began in April 2013. RMF had developed a fantastic reputation for body transformation and it had been recommended to me by various people. However I was not looking for a gym to give me quick short term results in the form of an 8/12 week challenge, I never wanted to be at
“A bit about me – I am 46yrs old (with a personality twenty years younger) I am a Critical Care Sister predominately working 12.5 hr night shifts in a busy Intensive Care Unit I can work up to 7 nights in a row so my life is like a well oiled machine, juggling responsibilities & keeping
“Hi, I am Ian, at the start of 2015, whilst writing my goals for the coming year, I included some specific targets for my weight and measurements which I wanted to achieve by the end of April. These goals had been on my list for at least the last 4 years, and I am yet

Old Habits Die Hard…

So you’ve got in from work and had a S*%T day! The boss has been on your case, you feel stressed and the bottle of wine that was opened yesterday (when you felt exactly the same) is calling your name… so you drain it get into bed and wait for this process to repeat itself

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Check out this video to find out what this blog is all about… This is my awesome team… Left to right: Top Row – Gavin, Sam & Claire Bottom Row – Nicola, Peter & Alex   We look forward to interacting with you all soon 🙂
[one_third_first][/one_third_first][two_third_last]Recovery is a major factor that determines how much fat we burn when we train as well as improving performance in and out of the gym. In the video below, we talk you through seven practical yet effective recovery tips that anyone can do…[/two_third_last] [one_third_first][/one_third_first][two_third_last]In this video below, we talk you through a practical way to

Case Study #1 Steve Breheney

Hi, I am Steve, a 50 year old father of two. Before I started training at RMF I was over weight pissed off with how I looked in my clothes, felt lethargic all the time, my head was not in a good place. So I popped down to RMF and met Russ. Instantly he made